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Salons are full of dust that can wreck your polish in no time. Once your nails are filed and shaped, wash them in warm water with antibacterial soap. Remove all dust and debris so your nails are a clean surface. Then gently pat them dry with a soft cloth. Once the clear base coat is dry and it is time to apply the color, nail salon central it should always be put on in thin coats. The very first coat of any color should be almost translucent. The manicurist should also let it dry for a minute or two before applying another thin coat of polish. For a polished look, use three or four thin coats of polish and allow each to dry in between applications. This layered effect will create a better seal and cut down on any air bubbles that appear when the polish is too thick. Several coats also give the color depth and sheen. Once the color of the last coat has started to dry, you should apply a clear topcoat. nail salon central This topcoat is a protective layer that helps to prevent chipping and dents, so make sure you apply a full layer. Ask to have the tip of each nail covered with polish. Continue each coat over the tip so that some polish coats the underside of the tip. Repeat this with each coat of polish unless the polish becomes too thick under your nail. This wrap over effect will prevent chipping whenever your nail comes in contact with computer keys, the buttons on your cell phone or the many other hard surfaces that can chip your nails. If you are like most people, then your manicure is just one of your many errands for the day. The fastest way to ruin the manicure or pedicure is to start using your hands and touching things before the nails are fully dry. It takes from thirty minutes to an hour for nail polish to dry fully, especially with the layers you applied. Don抰 rush this step. Instead make the manicure the last of your errands or take a walk afterwards where you don抰 have to touch anything or drive while the nails dry. Consider sitting back and taking a break while your nails dry manicures are an indulgence to be enjoyed after all. One of the main complaints when it comes to men s hair care is thin hair due to hair loss. But there are plenty of natural ways for men to plump up thinning hair, without resorting to the style travesties of plugs or comb overs. Here are the top 10 tips for plumping up thinning hair naturally. nail salon central Try a volume enhancing shampoo and try not to use heavy or moisturising shampoos as these can weigh down the hair, making it look thinner. Ideally, choose salon hair products or other high quality hair care products, these have superior ingredients which will not build up residue on the hair as some cheaper hair care products can. nail salon central Ask your stylist to give you a volume enhancing cut which minimizes any bald areas and helps to create a fuller look naturally. A good stylist will be able create a smart look which gives you the ability to plump the hair after each wash. They may also suggest some high quality salon hair products to create the look you are after. If you can afford them then this is usually a good investment. When nail salon central drying the hair, treat it carefully. Blot the hair dry instead of rubbing, as rough treatment can speed up hair loss. Try a volume root enhancer ? there are lots of hair care products on the market which can do this, again, salon hair products usually give better results due to their higher quality ingredients. A more unusual hair care tip is to try blow drying the hair upside down. While this tip is not for everyone, nail salon central it can encourage the hair to move away from a flat position on the head, giving a fuller appearance.