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Toenail Fungus affects millions of people worldwide and is notoriously difficult to cure. nail salon hong kong Apart from taking months to completely cure, it is an irritating condition to suffer from. Purple is the color of the season. Top fashion brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Alexandar Mc Queen and several others have used purple in a major way this season. So, there’s no way purple wouldn’t discover space in the nail color palette. Purple, as a shade attracts excellent attention. So, wearing this nail shade may distract undesired attention from your zits. nail salon hong kong But, a better way of handling zits would be to utilize effective products such as the Zenmed Derma Cleanse Process. To have the absolute purple nail color, go for ‘paradoxal’ by Chanel. Yet another fashionable nail color that has caught fancy of countless is ruby red. With many stars such as Lo Bosworth, Hilary Duff and many more sporting the color, it is bound to become a trend soon enough. This color is the fantastic pick for varied dressing styles such as skirts and formal suits. Nevertheless, if you want to be the centre of attention, try wearing the shade with a well fitted black skirt. nail salon hong kong The disadvantage of commercial products is that they can be expensive and, in some cases, have been shown to cause rare side effects such as liver problems and allergic skin reactions. An example home treatment of toenail fungus is the daily soaking of the affected nail in a solution that will kill the fungus. Common soaking solutions include dilute chlorine bleach, household vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide or Listerine mouthwash. nail salon hong kong After this, make sure you nails are clean and apply this ointment to the top of your affected nail. The best time to do this is after a bath or before you go to sleep at night. Continue to do this daily and you should see an improvement in your condition. The main ingredient in this ointment, tea tree oil, is an extract of the leaves and stems from the tea tree and has been scientifically proven to contain anti-fungal properties. Using the methods mentioned in this article (commercial or home treatment); you will be on the right track to curing your nail fungus. However, please remember that for the nail fungus to be completely cured – fungus needs to be removed and your nail needs to grow which can take a few months. hat way, you will have clear, healthy nails that look great in sandals. And now you’ll know what to do to treat nail fungus. You will be surprised at how fast you can get rid of it and how well some remedies work. It is humiliating having toenail fungus. And when it comes to eliminating it, it can be a difficult and depressing thing to do. nail salon hong kong Particularly when you don’t know what to do to treat it. So, what I’m going to do is share a couple of toenail fungus treatments you can utilize that will help you if you want to understand how to get rid of toenail fungus. Several individuals have noticed that the Vicks helped them eliminate their nail fungus. While others said that it didn’t help them much at all. But giving it a try, might help you with the fungal infection. nail salon hong kong You might not want to do this, but you can get a doctor to remove the fungus. It will probably be pricey though. So, you might want to try other nail fungus remedies before getting the physician to take care of it. Now, if you’ve tested these toenail fungus treatments before and they haven’t worked, don’t worry. There are a lot of individuals that use the toenail fungus cures above and still have problems curing the fungus. Instead, there is something else you can do that’s guaranteed to assist you with your fungus problem. There’s a nail fungal solution called Claripro. It’s one of the preferred things you can use when curing nail fungus.