4g LTE router 點對點光纖網路

There are still many high-grade security features such as WPA/WPA2 wireless security encryption, 4g LTE router dual-firewall features NAT and SPI, and also Virtual private network feature for secured remote tunneling via public network. If you are going to hook up your computer to the internet without having any up to date internet security software in place, 4g LTE router be aware that you could get compromised before you can even blink your eye. Following are some tips on essential internet security software everybody should have installed on their home computer before going online. 4g LTE router By neglecting to install this software you will be a sitting duck for all the cyber-criminals out on the Net. These days most anti-virus software will provide both virus and spyware protection. 4g LTE router Keep in mind that a dedicated anti-spyware program will generally do a much better job of protecting you from spyware than a standalone antivirus program. A combination of both programs will provide a more complete protection against the wide range of malware threats on the internet. 4g LTE router They are similar, but complimentary programs. All commercial anti-virus programs also come with an e-mail scanner. The above is the basic internet security software everyone should be using while going online. All the programs are available in their free or commercial versions. 4g LTE router Would you like to go beyond basic security software, then have a look at where you can find out more about proactively securing your home computer against intruders. I got the call late Friday afternoon. I’ll call them “Momma Fran” and “Poppa Fred”, a retired couple. I had built a computer for them and installed it the past Wednesday. Gosh, I hoped everything was okay with it. I drove out to their house that evening and tried setting the firewall so it would let the cable company’s software pass thru unmolested. But since it was half-way installed it wouldn’t work. I told them I had done all I could at the time. A firewall can be either a hardware or software defense device. It acts as a “protective barrier” between the sensitive information on your computer and the professional data thieves out on the Internet. Think of routers as “baby” computers that can redirect or manipulate harmful Internet traffic away from your machine. Routers can also “hide” your computer or home network away from the prying eyes of robotic programs which is constantly roaming the Net looking for open or weak systems to break into. Like I mentioned, the world now has international “teams” or “crews” of organized professional data thieves and hackers. They make their living writing programs that hack break and enter unsuspecting people’s computers to steal passwords, financial information, pictures and other personal stuff to either use themselves for spam or identify theft or to sell on the black market. Okay, here is the unvarnished truth…If you have a DSL or Broadband connection, then you should using some type of firewall. You are using high speed hook-up, unless your computer is turned off, it is ALWAYS open to attack from someone or something from on the Net. Oh, yeah what happened to Momma Fran and Poppa Fred? In the end, I removed the firewall from their machine so the “cable guy” could finish their setup. They asked that it be left off because it was too confusing for them. Got computer problems? Want to reduce your technology headaches? To find more helpful computer tips, visit From Chancer Reese – The Small Office Tech Diva. When a computer problem happens, a lot of people reach for the phone to call a professional at the very beginning, but this can be a mistake. There are some common computer problems that you can fix yourself, without needing a technician or computer expert. These problems range from no Internet connection to a sluggish computer and poor performance. Most of the time you can repair these issues yourself with just a few steps and a little bit of time.