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A first date is important because it dictates the next crop of dates. For some people, the first date is the date. nail salon hong kong It can give an initial idea on what type of person your date is and gives a basic compatibility test for both of you. You may have just recently met the person or he/she may already be a long-time friend but the first date should not be taken lightly. nail salon hong kong Some people have so much riding on their first date that they become nervous wrecks even before the date. The sad thing is, there is no hard-and-fast rule on how to be on tip-top shape on your first date but there are ways for you to look and feel confident on the big day. A lot of people judge other people by how they dress. nail salon hong kong It is a fact of life. So although you are very comfortable in jeans and a loose shirt, you might need to put more effort if you want to feel confident talking to your date. Make sure you know where you are going through your first date though. If you decide on dinner, the little black dress or a dressy top and pants is a perfect outfit for the females. A jacket and slacks would be great for the men. nail salon hong kong Knowing that you are dressed in something that shows your best assets will assure a high level of confidence. So okay, you have heard this advice a million times before. But there is a big reason why it is repeated over and over again. It is pretty hard to pretend someone you are not. You just might end compromising yourself with ridiculous inconsistent story about yourself. nail salon hong kong It can be good PR to give a few white lies about yourself but in the end, you are date will see through your disguise. Because even if you are not, nobody can tell the difference. Be willing to take the plunge and put yourself out there. So what if the first try at dating bombs, you can always try again. Confidence is not always inborn, nail salon hong kong it needs to be learned and honed too. A written contract. There’s nothing as ironclad as a contract. Decide on your weight loss goals and record them in the form of an agreement. Post this on the refrigerator and the bathroom mirror. Put a copy in your wallet or purse. Keeping an eye on your goal will keep you from giving up. Reward yourself. When a monthly weight loss goal is met, reward yourself. The goal can be pounds or inches lost. These treats should not be food related. Choose rewards that pamper your body and your soul. A few ideas are: a day at the spa, hair salon, a manicure, or a pedicure. Splurge on a figure flattering outfit or a new pair of shoes. For the guys, a day at the ball game, or fishing, or a new outfit would do just fine. Enlist the help of your family. This could be the most annoying part of the process. The job of your family is to keep you out of trouble. They are your conscience, so to speak. They will ask if you did your daily workout and drank your water. They will remind you to skip the take-out and instead choose a home cooked meal. Your family doesn’t have to act like the diet police, but they should gently encourage and motivate you whenever possible. Trying to look good is something that we all try to do. Therefore, we generally have the tendency of trying out new styles, be it hairstyles or trying out new dress codes. Therefore, it is natural that we tend to get bored with the same kind of repetitive style that we follow. After all whatever we do in life seem to be a repetitive thing and we manage to do it everyday without even liking. However, the best part is that we can actually experiment with our hairstyles and the way we look to a great extent. For example, if we have long hair, we can easily go in for a short hair style that can make us look chic and cool and even change the way we look.