How could I have avoided the accident? Only by skiing slower through the funnel. It would have been really helpful if the person who I collided with had looked before crossing the slope. Dun-slope For motor vehicle drivers, the person I collided with performed the skiing equivalent of pulling out onto a busy road without looking. Same as with driving really. Expect the unexpected. Dun-slope Buy the correct putter. Make sure the putter fits you well. You want the length, shape, weight and design to be correct for you. Any golf store should have a pro on-site to help fit you and most country clubs have a pro that will help you choose the correct putter. Dun-slope If you are not using the right equipment you will not get the most out of your golf game. Decide which type of putter you are. Dun-slope Do you like to hit to the front of the cup or back of the cup? If you like to slowly hit the ball in you may be a front of the cup putter, if you like to hit with a little more aggression you are probably a back of the cup hitter. Practice from different angles and determine which style fits you best. Don’t rush. Assess the slope and the breaks in the green. Dun-slope Get a feel for the angle that you will be putting at. Visualize the ball going into the cup. Try to gauge the surface, is the green fast or slow? All these things will help you with putting the ball in the cup. For many years decks were built as simple rectangles located at the back door of a house. Today however, Dun-slope homeowners are spending more time and effort as well as imagination in designing decks that take special advantage of the shapes of their homes and the sizes of their yards. The simple rectangular deck close to the ground is the easiest kind of deck to build and may be enough to sufficiently meet the basic needs of the family it serves. However, a flat lot is a natural choice for a wraparound deck which will work to enlarge the apparent size of the house as well as provide access from several areas of the home. A large lot, especially one with changes in elevation, can accomodate decks on different levels that are linked by steps, staircases or walkways. This type of design works extremely well when the outdoor space has to serve a variety of purposes such as barbecuing, dining and sunbathing. It might be necessary to alter the design to enable the solving of some kind of problem connected with the backyard area where the deck would be located. An elevated deck can be built in order to turn a steep slope into a useful part of the surrounding landscape. Multiple deck levels combined with steps can be used also to tie a deck into a sloping property. Multi-level decks can also be designed to avoid blocking views from the home. However, the deck still must relate in size to its intended function or uses. Generally, it is wise to allow 20 square feet of deck space for each person. A deck measuring 16 feet by 20 feet would be 320 square feet in size and could in theory accomodate 16 people at one time. However, more space would be neded if the deck also contained a barbecuse, benches, furniture, etc. The secret is to take the time and effort required to look at the size and shape of your home as well as the size and characteristics of your yard’s landscape to design a deck that will become the quiet retreat or outdoor entertainment focal point that you have always dreamed of. Sailplanes, also called gliders, fly atop rising air. There is no engine noise, only the sound of your heartbeat as you watch your model sailplane become a speck in the sky. How do you get your model sailplane back? How did you get it up there in the first place? What sort of things can you do with your model sailplane when it is in the air?