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There is a show at a nearby resort that Johnny and his dance partner wish to participate in but his usual dance partner is unable to participate so Johnny teaches Baby to be a better dancer as well as teaches her his sick partner s part in the routine so that she can be the replacement. Baby and Johnny s tempers clash but despite this a romance begins. lightest wheelchair ramp There is a turmoil of events happening during this with Johnny s dance parter, Johnny, Baby s family, and Penny s current boyfriend. lightest wheelchair ramp The events all unfold and all lead up to a climatic ending. In London, the show sold out for the first six months of it s showing before it had even opened. After the musical was first performed in Sydney, Australia at the Theatre Royal it went on a national tour of New Zealand and Australia. In these two places alone it was shown for eighteen months and sold out every single time. lightest wheelchair ramp There is, predictively, a lot of wonderful music in the musical. Some of the songs include This Magic Moment, Wipe Out, and the infamous song (I ve Had) The Time of My Life. There are fifty five times in the musical where music is played with thirty times being in the first act and twenty five being in the second act. lightest wheelchair ramp The writer of the show is Eleanor Bergstein who also wrote the movie. James Powell is the director but was also an actor for twelve years and appeared in the show Les Miserables. The choreographer for the amazing dance moves for the musical is Kate Champion. There are various performances happening March 29, 2010 through October 23, 2010 with multiple price options, assisted performances including wheelchair access, help for people who are hard of hearing, and people with guide dogs, lightest wheelchair ramp and a premium seating option. The show is currently being shown at Aldwych Theatre in Aldwych, London. As a property owner anxious to maximize your vacation rentals, you’re competing with thousands of other owners who are adding new, creative online rental listings every week. lightest wheelchair ramp So you may want to step up your game. Here are some tips to help you make sure your listing does justice to your property, stands out from the crowd and gets you that business you need. The time you’ll spend crafting a concise and catchy headline will not be wasted. The headline should capture the feel and uniqueness of your property and your offer, grab the prospective renter’s attention and make him want to know more. Don’t waste precious space by repeating any information that will appear on the Web pages where your listing is published, like number of bedrooms. Pay attention to lighting – the rooms should look bright and cheerful. Add a couple of photos of community life and key venues… taken during the right season and on a sunny day. Think about how you can add value to your offer – include any extras that you might be willing to negotiate, a car for example. If the site provides them, remember to make good use of the icons that provide guests with such information as smoking, pets and wheelchair accessibility. Mention the stunning view from your living room. It’s important to maintain your credibility and that of the site, so it pays to use professional language and avoid exaggerations. Say how long it takes to get downtown to where the action is and mention the means of transportation. Use words that capture the potential experience and that actually mean something to the reader. Instead of using proper names, such as Marché Atwater, say that your property is 5 minutes away from a “colorful, bustling outdoor market with a European feel, chock full of local cheeses and other local products.” Clarify everything up front – nightly, weekly, monthly and seasonal rates; the length of minimum stays, deposit amounts; cleaning fees; taxes. Remember that you can charge a pet fee.