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You notice they have a lot of traffic. You also notice that in the same shopping center a new massage therapy center just opened called Healing Hands. nail salon hong kong You have a hunch they really would like to get more new business. I think I can get you a LOT of new business, and I won’t charge you any money up front. I only ask that if they do re-book, nail salon hong kong you give me 15% of the services charged for the next six months. Remember, this is business you otherwise would probably never have had, and you only pay me if I produce results for you.” The enterprising owner tells you that it sounds good to her. You let her know that you’ll see what you can do, and that you’ll get back to her. nail salon hong kong Then you say something like this: “I think I know a way to create a lot of goodwill without you having to spend any money! If I could get the new massage center in complex to agree, how would you like to gift your clients with a FREE 30-minute neck and shoulder massage? All you would have to do is train your people to offer the gift, and give them a special certificate. nail salon hong kong The certificate is only for your clients, so you might even get some NEW business, once the word gets out. What do you think?” By this time, the owner of Cutter’s is really interested! He tells you to see what you can do. The good news is that you have NO RISK in the deal, nail salon hong kong and the entire time spent on the deal might be only an hour or two! This is a great example of seeing an opportunity that others do not, and linking resources to create value for both parties. It is a win/win/win arrangement … and I said before, your risk is zero and your financial rate of return infinite, as you have none of your own money invested! You used your creativity and willingness to act instead. nail salon hong kong Hypnotherapy is one of the most promising branches of psycho therapy. It can cure different illnesses that concern the mind such as insomnia, asthma, tension headaches, weight loss, eating disorders, addictions, and phobias. In hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist put the patient in a trance like state and asks him to open his mind and listen to suggestions. In this manner, some patients are cured of their illness because their mind are conditioned and refreshed. The advantage of this method is that because of the suggestive statements the patient hears from the hypnotherapist, the patient begins to form images in his mind that are very unaccommodating. In this manner, the conditioned mind of the patient will be in his favor. This type of hypnotherapy can only take about 1 or 2 sessions. The only problem with this method is that there is a great probability that the habit may return after some time if the patient see other people do the same habit. This is the method wherein the hypnotherapist will be asking the patient while in trance to uncover the issues he is keeping from his subconscious mind. The hypnotherapist understands that anxieties, depression, nervous breakdown and other mental anomalies that cannot be cured by drugs emanate from past experiences and therefore must be uncovered for analysis. With more sessions, the hypnotherapist can resolve the issues of the patient one by one until all negative feelings are replaced with positive emotions. This makes the treatment more solid and reliable and the effect can be long lasting. However, the disadvantage of this therapy is it can take many sessions before the patient can fully get over his or her problem and some patients do not come back after few sessions because probably they think they are already cured. That is why hypnotherapists always advise to their patients that they should be willing to undergo many sessions because it takes a lot of time to go back to the life history of the patient and find the root cause of his problems.