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Netizens have replied: “The sister with love, the lovely brother!” “Oli’s eyelashes are so long and dense. Two little cute!” “Oli looked at Oreo with a smug look, so love!” “Good happiness! Sina Entertainment News 2009 Happy Women’s National Tour Concert The second stop performance on October 10th in Changchun passionate singing, eyelash extensions hong kong the fast women on the stage or passionate or tender and affectionate. In the background before the show, the ten fast women also showed the cute girl’s nature in the busy space. Liu Xijun, who was waiting for makeup, happily showed her the clothes she liked, while Huang Ying, who was doing makeup, almost fell asleep because she was too tired. Pan Hongyu, who had already made up her makeup, excitedly showed her sisters thick pink eyelashes. Regarding the unreasonable parenting method, the public children of all the children have a slap in the face, eyelash extensions hong kong and every day they say Why do European and American beauty in the eye makeup, always like to brush the upper and lower eyelashes, this way even more than rely on the eyeliner; on the one hand have to admit that they are born on the hair than our Asians, the curl is also born According to the advantages; in addition, eyelash extensions hong kong such eye makeup not only naturally enlarges the eyes, but also enhances the vividness of the eyes in the details. The “furry” eyes also make people feel extra love. Many elderly people are stubborn and insist on sticking to the traditional practice, just because they want to defend their sense of existence, or they may be useless in front of the juniors. Some babies always wake up at night, and the breeders don’t want or disdain the big set of complicated baby sleep theories, so “calcium deficiency” and “scare”, this easy-to-understand explanation is easier. been accepted. It has the impact, the defensive positive, the strong control ability, eyelash extensions hong kong the broad vision and the strong assisting ability. The high hit rate of COSCO is her technical characteristics. The height of 1 meter 69 does not have an advantage in the basket movement, but the physique of the Northeast girl allows her to have her own unique characteristics – to run, to have strength. Nan Shu, a junior in the third grade, started to contact the basket, but only for the long one. “I have always admired my mother. I am so short and let me play the basket, but she always said that it was my own hit and hit it now.” She said with a smile, the corner of the mouth bent a beautiful arc, long eyelashes Flashing her beauty. Perhaps this is the case, it is not like to start the basket, but the contact is also fascinated. Once insisted, eyelash extensions hong kong I tried again and went all the way with the basket to the present – that is the magic of the basket. The basket is a collective movement. It can never be a person’s ability.” This is Nan Shu’s recognition of the basket. The power of the collective, the charm of the collective, a basket can be interpreted very well. The first match with Nanjing Aerospace was her most memorable game. At that time, everyone was united. If you don’t give up every one, you can turn defeat into victory. This is also the first time she has entered the semi-finals with the team. It is the best embodiment of their happiness to throw the coach high. eyelash extensions hong kong On those days and nights of training, Nan Shu said that she had the most to gain unity, not to give up and the full happiness. Speaking of dreams, Feng Nanshu expressed the hope that he can become a coach and has always been with the basket. She preached that she had to teach the players in CUBA to the future players, and could not disappoint the cultivation of CUBA, and also pass on the passion of the basket.