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Lin Zhiying was on the shore of the icy lake at minus 20 degrees. He took the opportunity to go to the nearby fish market. Many of the fish were naturally frozen at low temperatures, and even the POSE with inverted onions stood in front of the fish stall. eyelash extensions hong kong In addition, he went to the aquarium and squid together, and once again confirmed the frozen age, and finally took a self-portrait “natural snow makeup”. It turned out that the outdoor cold wind is strong, the eyelashes are actually frosted, and the black eyelashes are only white at the tip. Nan Shu said that she had the most to gain unity, not to give up and the full happiness. Speaking of dreams, eyelash extensions hong kong Feng Nanshu expressed the hope that he can become a coach and has always been with the basket. She preached that she had to teach the players in CUBA to the future players, and could not disappoint the cultivation of CUBA, and also pass on the passion of the basket. The netizen couldn’t help but say that Lin Zhiying’s eyelashes are beautiful “frozen” people, and praised “good fashion eyelashes” and “natural snow makeup look good!” “The whole body pack is tight, revealing a pair of eyes is still handsome!” Do not forget to remind him keep warm. At 12:51 on November 13th, eyelash extensions hong kong Li Xiang uploaded a picture of a daughter who was staring at a basket of rabbits. The two-year-old Wang Shiling is wearing a pink furry little shoe next to a pink Snow White-style dressing table with a big kawaii doll sitting on the dresser. Li Xiang’s daughter also wore a pink crown hair clip, and two small hands clutched the lace basket. Such a small world is believed to be what many little girls dream of. eyelash extensions hong kong Although mascara is an important step for curling your eyelashes, it is not negligible to add eyelashes. Only eyelash curling and mascara will last long to maintain the curl of the eyelashes. False eyelashes are also questionable. The old one-piece molding is no longer suitable. Instead, the eyelashes are divided into three sections inside and outside, which will have curling eyelashes. And the eyelashes are also very important, and the eyes are bright and the eyes are bright. eyelash extensions hong kong The more slender brush head is more convenient and easier to brush out, perfect for eye shape, and every eyelash! The paste contains “light particles”, which effectively keeps the eyelashes from rising. At the same time, the formula contains vitamin B5 to deeply nourish the eyelashes and make the eyelashes stronger. The waterproof and anti-smudge effect is also excellent. Mistine is a super-selling beauty brand in Thailand, and it is also handy to make mascara. This two-headed mascara has black and white fibers, and the white fiber contains a repairing ingredient to make the base, which can make the eyelashes reach four times longer. The carbon black fiber makes the eyelashes rich and dense, and the double-layer fiber acts as a shield to make the mascara stronger and less smudged. The warm water-removable mascara also has excellent stamina, and this is evidenced by Mary’s Bazbaz graft mascara. eyelash extensions hong kong Through the thick black grafting liquid and white fiber, the eyelashes can be grafted to the desired length and density of the fiber, and the grafted eyelashes will quickly form a film, not afraid of sweat and high temperature. This mascara is mainly made of natural curling and long thick effect. It has a long brush head and a light brush to create the result of smearing twice. It creates a refreshing glamour and is ideal for hot weather. At the same time, the fine brush head can pay attention to the sparse lower eyelashes, and you can create exquisite eye makeup without bothering. The biggest selling point of this mascara is the ultra-sturdy waterproof formula. The triple waterproof layer is like wrapping the eyelashes. It is waterproof, sweat-proof and anti-sebum.