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In 2012, Rafaela said that he hopes to become a family with Balotelli. If he is ready, he will marry him. Ba Shen believes that although it is a bit early for him to marry, he was only 22 years old, but it does not mean that it is impossible. eternity ring When he finds the right person, he will get married. Again high transmission rate. Everyone has an impulse to share, and customers who buy MLE Super Wedding Rings will share happiness and touch in the circle of friends. eternity ring According to big data surveys, an active customer can directly influence 58 potential customers. Usually, after a customer chooses MLE Super Wedding Ring, there will be 2 or 3 friends around her to go to the store for consultation and realize automatic communication and promotion. The MLE Super Wedding Ring brand is built around emotions and rituals. It achieves a strong and affectionate effect and achieves the “three highs” effect in the terminal. It is called “the atomic bomb that detonates the jewelry market” by the jewelry industry. At present, the low adjustment of the jewelry industry, eternity ring the success of the MLE super wedding ring is not only eye-catching, but its mode of operation is more worth exploring. It is understood that the MLE Super Wedding Ring is in the form of a traditional jewelry store. It costs 200,000 yuan to open a store, but it can create 80% of the profit of the whole store. This is the reason why traditional jewelry bosses are vying to join. Second is the sense of high value. Lowering prices and lowering gross margins are the most annoying problems that jewellery operators often encounter. When brands strengthen emotions, rituals and commitments have conquered consumers. eternity ring  MLE Super Wedding Rings have higher brand value and premium, all sold at the original price. At the press conference, Wang Lin revealed that the MLE Super Wedding Ring has been in the national trial sales since July, and by the end of September, it has developed 679 franchise stores in 19 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing and Siji, creating a national jewelry record. It is understood that MLE super wedding ring is carried out in the form of brand implantation. There is no need for new decoration, no need to change the storefront. Each jewelry store will invest 200,000 yuan to introduce the full set of MLE super wedding ring. eternity ring Wang Lin told reporters that now is the transition period of the whole industry, traditional jewelry owners are looking for a new model of profit. MLE Super Wedding Ring Hotline 4006567719 can receive a lot of consultations every day, and they are currently expanding at 2-3 stores every day. In the next three years, we plan to open 3,000 stores across the country to seize the biggest cake in the Chinese wedding ring market. Fanny, eternity ring a blonde in the stands, did not stop cheering and shouting during the game, waving her arms to cheer for the team. In the 50th minute, Balotelli broke the door and helped Italy to seal the victory 2 to 1 and kissed Fanny to the stands. “I am really very happy, this unique feeling is wonderful. Is that going in? I will give it to my wife and my family.” Balotelli said after the game.