eternity ring歡迎來電諮詢

According to Taiwan media reports, According to the “Ace of Stars” report, Angelababy and a group of staff brought Feng Xiaogang to the car, and stood outside the car with hands clasped together, waved goodbye, full of smiles, and sometimes his hands covered his cheeks, looks very cute. Back to the car, she held the chin, eternity ring her eyes staring out, the wedding ring of the ring finger still shining in the dark night, the diamond is even more amazing among the slender fingers, Just before the World Cup, on the birthday of Fanny, Balotelli uploaded a jade hand piece with a diamond ring on his social network and wrote, “She said yes, eternity ring this is the most important thing in my life. “Fanny posted the same cymbals and said: “Tonight I said the most important thing in my life, this is my best birthday present. Balotelli broke the door and helped Italy to seal the victory 2 to 1 and kissed Fanny to the stands. “I am really very happy, this unique feeling is wonderful. Is that going in? I will give it to my wife and my family.” Balotelli said after the game. In fact, last year there were signs of marriage. eternity ring During the Pakistani League, the Fanny was accompanied by the whole process, and the Italian national team allowed to accompany the whole process, except that she only had Buffon’s wife. In order to let Fannie name go straight into the wife group, Balotelli proposed to marry the whole team in one knee, and spent 117,000 euros to buy an engagement ring. But at the time, only Fanny herself had an engagement film in her personal space. eternity ring The marquise-shaped, drop-shaped cut diamonds belong to the category of sharp-drilled. These cutting processes determine that the number of diamonds in this style will not be small, otherwise the difficulty in setting is relatively large and it is not easy to be effective. fruit. The unique diamond-shaped wedding ring has the look of “sharp and sharp”. Therefore, the sharp-drilled ring is especially suitable for mature women, to maximize their mature charm, and for women who are too weak, this kind of The style may not be on the selection, there will be a feeling of not being able to hold it. Not everyone likes the “dome egg” diamond ring, and the most low-key diamond ring in the diamond ring has been popular. This ring is not dominated by any diamond, emphasizing the balance of small grain diamonds, dotted with a small star-shaped diamond, but not flamboyant. It doesn’t look awkward when worn everyday, and it can be matched with other diamond ornaments when it is dressed. It is a versatile master. eternity ring As a famous guide, Feng Xiaogang once showed his slapsticks on the Weibo with the running men’s group, and promised that he owes each of them a movie, and just before the next day, our singer in Beijing Occasionally met with the big director Feng Xiaogang and angelababy. eternity ring After the meal, a man took the lead to get out of Feng’s car. After the meal was over, she returned to her car and sat in front of the passenger seat, and was accidentally photographed with a large wedding ring on the ring finger!