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As the so-called “local people” born and raised in Taiwan, Ding Wenjing knows that many people in Taiwan are hostile to the mainland, and she does not agree. taipei luxury hotel In Ding Wenjing’s planning, a series of documentary films on the migration history of the past 100 years will be produced, and the “Golden Secret File” is the first song of the 100-year migration history launched by Changtian. To this end, she has made a lot of merits. Including many historical scenes that have not been reproducible, There are many hidden links in the delivery of gold. taipei luxury hotel For example, the two batches of gold that were shipped to the Gulangyu Bank of China treasury in two batches were not listed in the gold record of the central bank. The diary manuscript left by Wu Yuqing provided some answers: Wu Zhaoqing was responsible for handling the relevant draft of the conversion of the Kuomintang treasury gold into military expenses. The gold of the Xiamen Central Bank was transferred to Wu’s personal gold account in the name of advance military expenses. In fact, Chiang Kai-shek’s wartime vault, taipei luxury hotel it is completely secret. Later, with the exposure of a batch of gold-delivered archives from Taiwan’s “National History Museum”, together with Wu Xing’s son Wu Xing’s son, who was responsible for the allocation of military expenses at the time, published the book “Gold Archives: National Golden Transport Station – 1949” After cross comparison, Prices are skyrocketing. Chiang Ching-kuo was sent to Shanghai to “play tigers” and the result ended in failure. After Chiang Kai-shek has begun to implement the plan to transport gold to Taiwan, in order to stabilize the people, taipei luxury hotel it is announced that Shanghai residents can exchange one yuan and two gold coins for one thousand yuan of gold and redeem them daily. the Starfish sailed to the Outer Pier. Fan Yuanjian did not know that he was a witness to the first flight of the secret gold to Taiwan. taipei luxury hotel All of this will not stop Chiang Kai-shek’s plan to transport gold to Taiwan. He has taken this island as his own place to settle down and make a comeback. We will meet a lot of people like this. We think that the topic is familiar and can be done. We interviewed a lot of people who had not been interviewed before. Finding people is the most time-consuming. taipei luxury hotel The squad system often can’t find the party, or after finding it, the party is old, can’t tell a wonderful story, and even have mistakes and memory errors, and need to find another person to verify. In order to find suitable parties, they traveled between Shanghai, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong.