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Sharing a wheelchair is actually a wheelchair rental lightest wheelchair ramp. It is essentially a convenient wheelchair lightest wheelchair ramp. The site manager said that they have placed more than 100 shared wheelchairs lightest wheelchair ramp. In off-peak hours, 2/3 of the wheelchairs can be loaned out; During the peak period, more than 100 wheelchairs can not only be fully loaned, but even queue up lightest wheelchair ramp. The instructions for use show that the shared wheelchairs here are using WeChat scan code lightest wheelchair ramp. After real-name certification and payment of 299 yuan deposit, they can be used free of charge lightest wheelchair ramp. “You must return it before 6 pm, otherwise you will be deducted 30 yuan. “The administrator said that such a rule is to have a constraint on the user. “There is basically a reading at 6 o’clock in the afternoon,” so we put a video on the rental page, and everyone will see it.” He said, sharing Wheelchairs are not as simple as adding a smart lock to an ordinary wheelchair. When they were put in the Union Hospital, they spent a month testing and finally determined the current style. “We thicken the backrest for added comfort; the lining is meshed and breathable to prevent acne; we also removed the storage pocket behind the backrest to prevent the user from forgetting the property.” He introduced that they were wheelchairs Six optimizations were made, disinfected regularly, and smart locks were also improved. However, many hospitals that have shared wheelchairs have not cancelled traditional wheelchair rental services. It was found that at least 6 out of 10 people would not receive a wheelchair. The China-Japan Friendship Hospital has issued a document saying that considering that some patients, especially elderly patients, are not proficient in using mobile phones, the hospital emergency department will still retain some of the artificially rented wheelchairs, and patients can rent them by paying a deposit or a valid certificate. The reporter found that sharing wheelchairs is indeed difficult to borrow. Although the users are mainly elderly people, the wheelchairs are basically young faces. An industry source said that to make shared wheelchairs more popular, the threshold should be lowered, and the simpler the operation, the better. The emergence of shared wheelchairs has solved these problems. At the PLA General Hospital, all shared wheelchairs are placed by a company called “Benmu Medical”. Why is this? There may be two reasons. The first reason is that more and more people need accessibility facilities, and these hotels have gained customer increments. The second reason is that when the hotel consciously discloses its accessibility information on the website, other guests will trust the hotel more and will feel that they will provide better service. When I travel in Europe, I am often asked a question, is that you need Hoist? I am very confused when I hear this word, What? Hoist is a crane or a small crane. As a neuromuscular patient, I think the biggest advantage of this disease is that I never need to lose weight. It has always been very thin. I keep my weight at 40 kg all year round.