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Can you imagine? He is our protagonist today’s men’s wheelchair solo world’s fourth-ranked 80-shoulders double wheelchair Latin dance competition data map respondents for pictures and standing dancers partner mixed Latin dance competition data map respondents for The picture “can’t go” is still very “active” from a high fever in Leizhou, Guangdong Province, when he was 8 months old lightest wheelchair ramp. He missed the timely treatment of polio and got entangled lightest wheelchair ramp. He refused to be a quiet, beautiful man, lively and can’t sit still lightest wheelchair ramp. It is his “attribute” that he likes sports when he is still at school lightest wheelchair ramp. He often plays wheelchair basketball with badminton players and badminton to see this powerful and agile catch lightest wheelchair ramp. Ordinary people with good limbs may not be his opponents in 2012 lightest wheelchair ramp. At the age of 24, he worked as a civilian in the company’s fitness equipment. He started his own fitness trip and he changed his body and mind. They have a lot of waist muscles and strong strength to prop up the upper body directly from 90 kilograms of muscle to 120 kilograms of body muscles, let him walk naturally, look up and chest and people are more confident to see this strong upper body is afraid of how many ordinary people They are all in the dust. Respondents provided a picture of the upper body muscles with good physical fitness. In 2015, he participated in the 7th Paralympic Games in Guangdong Province as a weightlifter and won the silver medal in one fell swoop. Second place. Respondents for the picture “Muscle Man” incarnation “Good Dancer” won the Silver Medal of the Paralympic Games, and they have more confidence in themselves. They are more and more motivated to challenge the impossible fate of others. They always have dreams of diligent efforts. In 2016, after a friend’s recommendation, I joined the Guangzhou Wheelchair Dance Team. The “Dance Dream” here is realized from the “Amateur” with Mike Jackson as the idol. Step by step into the wheelchair stage. Guangzhou City Wheelchair Dance Team Rehearsal Respondents provided high-intensity training for weightlifters for several years because the muscle latitude that constantly challenged the weightlifting weight became a great advantage in the past, and later turned into a “big chunk” of the background of the obstacles for dancing weightlifters because of the softness Sexuality is not good, dance movements are difficult to do beautiful. After the first section of the dance class, I’m going to retreat in my heart.I was able to dance. I felt that the basic course was too boring. At this time, his teacher gave him the confidence to tell him that he was going to Beijing to participate in the national competition. He had never participated in the national competition. He had never been to the capital Beijing. Power Guangzhou wheelchair dance team rehearsing respondents for the sake of learning to dance faster, in addition to privately giving themselves a practice amount, but also bought a book dedicated to body stretching while reading a book, thinking about the whole set from fingers, wrists to shoulders The stretching action will even go to watch other people’s street dance training classes to see how others stretched and then learn to follow up. The Guangzhou wheelchair dance team rehearsed the respondents. In addition to hard training techniques, the understanding of dance also requires dancers.