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Recently, many book fans have reacted without knowing what books to read. Unconsciously, eyelash extensions hong kong they have fallen into the realm of book shortage. As a small book of old book fans, they also feel the same. Today Xiaobian continues to introduce good-looking novels to book fans, and let the book fans see addiction and sleep in minutes! If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid to write a book later! Recommend 4 good-looking romance novels: “Tangmen bride, female chaebol dangerous marriage” super good first book: “Tangmen bride, female chaebol dangerous marriage”: Yun Tan wonderful story: Zhou Manwen Duan Tang, Wen Yuehua meaning She has two dishes to fry in the kitchen and can’t get away. Fu Hansheng got up and took the soup. Zhou Manwen bypassed him. He didn’t plan to give him the soup. He said in his mouth: “The soup that just came out eyelash extensions hong kong, carefully burned you.” At this time, the living room is in a state of black and black. The entire Fujia courtyard was shrouded in a secret atmosphere. Fu Hansheng stood behind his hands and stood in the brightly lit living room. He glanced at Zhou Manwen and half joked: “Zhou, the word ‘you’ can’t be said, you are watching. When I grow up eyelash extensions hong kong, I call you ‘you’ every time, but I don’t say it, others listen, it’s more like yelling at me.” Fu Hansheng’s words are extremely friendly, it seems to be just to correct the small mistakes made by Zhou Manwen, but saidThe person “has no heart”, but the listener is interested. Xiao Yan frowned eyelash extensions hong kong, and even the breathing stopped. Presumably, Fu Hansheng never said to Zhou Manwen that “the watch is light and heavy”, otherwise it will be safe as Zhou Manwen, and will not flash the soup when he put it in front of Xiao Yu. Just listening to the sound of “啪”, Zhou Manwen also warned that Fu Hansheng soup was very hot one second before eyelash extensions hong kong, but after a second, it was burned by the hot bowl wall, so the hand was loose, the soup bowl fell directly in front of Xiao Yu’s coffee table. on. Authentic tomato ribs soup, with the soup bowl broken, Xiao Yu do not duck eyelash extensions hong kong, no doubt was splashed by the hot soup. Zhou Manwen exclaimed and blamed himself. At the same time, La Xiaoyu, who had already seen his hand, got up and anxiously asked if Xiao Yu was burnt. Recommend 4 good-looking romance novels: “Tangmen Bride, Female Citizen’s Dangerous Marriage” is super nice (click below for free reading) Second: “Mr. Su’s Love Investigation Report”: Aussie Night Wonderful Story: This is really true Unexpectedly sleeping, and comfortable and warm, let her sleep to wake up naturally, the moment of blinking, only feel the glare of the glare, the sunny dawn after the summer disaster, the early morning sun burned red half the sky.The nose is light and grassy, and the cheeks are attached to the soft cotton texture. When she wakes up, she suddenly wakes up. She, she, she… Is this sleeping in a man’s arms?