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Outdoor Lounge Furniture ist That list of raw materials, in addition to the list of hardware accessories, the Association of spare parts inventory and so on, this work is carried out after the program audited by professionals or system break down, but also to ensure good overall product prograOutdoor Lounge Furniturem implementation necessary prerequisite. Other technical documents Installation diagram, packaging solutions parts machining process sheets, product manual. The main contents inside parts processing flow sheet to cover the name, size, quantity, material, batch processing precautions, special inspection standards, working hours, processes and serial number and other basic content. Specializing in the production After a few steps before you have completed all the process od due to the relatively large amount of glue, formaldehyde content is relatively difficult to control. Blockboard Blockboard peOutdoor Lounge Furniturerformance core material is sometimes affected by the board. Particleboard Appearing on the particleboard market is actually particleboard wood particle board. Quality particleboard has been recognized by the public. Furniture Picture Furniture Picture MDF MDF, with good plasticity can be used for carving. Common furniture veneer finishes materials, melamine finishes, wood paper, PVC sheet, polyester paint surface and so on. The latter three finishes typically used for middle and low furniture, and natural veneer finishes for high-end products. Complex multilayer Belongs to the relatively high cost of the material is compressed by 6-8 layer 3mm thick sheet made with wa to give people a sense of bright, visual effects expanded space; and calm, the darker the color of the wood coffee table, is suitable for large classical space. 3 bar selection If you are using the corner and built into the bar, the operating space needs at least 90 cm. If you set the singleOutdoor Lounge Furniture bar, then height should be at about 110 cm, double bar should be at 80 cm and 110 cm from top to bottom, the gap between them at least 25 cm. In general, the minimum bar sink must also be 60 cm above the operating table at 80 cm or so, the other can Outdoor Lounge Furniturebe measured according to their individual needs. When buying sink, best buy flat groove, so when placing the cup, it will not be dumped or crashed, and sink in the 20 cm depth than the best, so to avoid splashing. Two, bedroom furniture selection Bedside: bedside cabinet should be neat, practical, noOutdoor Lounge Furnituret only can display lamps, picture frames or small vase, you can also let you in bed can, content and standard of furniture and decorative antique reproductions. Because of its use of manual production, strong cultural atmosphere make it beyond the ‘popular’ concept, and become a symbol of quality. Such furniture, as the material is usually wood, both good hardness, but also with considerableOutdoor Lounge Furniture flexibility. Its surface can be carved out delicate patterns, but not cracking, the use of up to several decades. On behalf of the European classical furniture are: to honor and luxury  Italian furniture; graceful lines French furniture romantic and passionate Spanish furniture. Chinese classical furniture, including the four most important design style, namely: Chu-style furniture (Zhou Dniture made of multiple material): substrate using solid wood, plywood and other materials mixed production of furniture. Common wood l tree of the Dominican Republic. Wood density medium, hard and soft moderate, dry narrow, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, excellent processing, adhesive and paint performance. 2, catalpa wood: Jiangbei one kind of high-quality face extinction valuable timber. Texture clear, thin and uniformOutdoor Lounge Furniture structratches, untouched wood under the paint, available with furniture like crayons or paint colors in furniture wound smear to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent layer of nail polish can be. 5) water stain marks Available marks printedol, anti-infrared, so the care need not bother. Plastic parts: lighter than normal, and acid, alkali, corrosion resi  http://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges