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No high pressure sales or popular gimmicks! No sales games or fake sales gimmicks like “stand by” discounts that save you a lot of money for supposedly solving scheduling problems. No call backs to tell you we have an “overstock of materials”or the sales person made a mistake and “we need to come back out” to give you a “new price”. waterproofing contractor singapore Needs-Waterproofing is a specialized trade in the construction industry, it is often unseen but seldom overlooked when a building is designed and subsequently built. waterproofing contractor singapore- Waterproofing homes or businesses is needed at one time or another. In tropical countries like Singapore with frequent heavy downpours, waterproofing job assignments are plentiful as water leakage and damage to the home and business premises is a common problem. Every year, homeowners discover that their aging home is experiencing some form of water damage. DIY Waterproofing- There are occasions when home owners deem the expense of hiring a waterproofing contractor singapore consultant is too steep, they would venture to perform the waterproofing project by themselves. Unfortunately, some people have found out that their own mistakes are more costly than hiring a consultant from the very beginning. A professional waterproofing contractor singapore often had the experience and skills, and equipment to diagnose and treat your home problems. Products meet international Standards- Our products are tested in our local accredited laboratories according to international standard tests that meet the requirements from the Public and Private Sectors. The main and important fact is that the products should be able to suit our local tropical climate because of the high humidity. Based on our test reports, track record and job references, which are testimony to the reliability and quality of our products supplied to contractors and waterproofing contractor singapore specialists. This is because the recommendation of products to be used is critical as every product has different properties and usage in the building construction. We had built the trust with our customers over the years because we not only help in solving their problems, we also recommend the right product for use for their different areas.Finally, we wish to thank our customers and overseas clients, and agencies in believing in our product. Project Execution- In order to provide quality workmanship, we utilize competent, trained, skilled and experienced personnel. A qualified supervisor and/or foreman will be available at the jobsite to stress quality assurance, address any questions or discrepancies, and attend to any unforeseen opportunities. Philosophy- As skills and expertise are paramount factors for success, we constantly strive to provide our clients with high quality and value added services. Our core strength of sound management, experience, capabilities and expertise and broad local client base have attributed to the success of our company. Internationally qualified for concrete injection repairs- Concrete injection technology allows us to provide a permanent repair to cracks and leaks in concrete by injecting a special resin. We hold the IRP qualification from the BZB Academy in Germany that allows us to provide this specialist repair service. Considering waterproofing a sensitive aspect of Construction Industry, our recommendations adopted by our clients and installation under our trained applicator under our technical heads we do not hesitate to offer a 10 years of performance warranty against undisturbed treatment. (Any alterations and modifications if desired at a later date shall be consulted prior to such executions failing which there are chances of loosing possibilities of catching up of the situation.) Concrete Crack Injection, crack & spall repair, waterproofing contractor singapore, soil stabilization. Surface protection, structural strength repairs, earthquake & flood damages. Pavement & slab lifting, deep injection process soil densification, rock stabilization.