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3.2 Construction Sequence Waterproof membrane construction and civil engineering units to fit, based on the total construction schedule, waterproof layer construction sequence is: invert the guide aterials (such as asbestos cement board) cover and membrane surface watering, to avoid damaging the spark waterproof layer; while freight company singapore pouring concrete vibrators shall direct contact with waterproof layer. 5) steel banding process, such as when to use a crowbar to move steel, should be under temporary protection in its wooden pallets, in order to avoid damage to the waterproof membrane. 6) civil construction unit in a waterproof layer follow the construction freight company singapore  process, such as accidentally damaged the waterproof layer, once discovered should be promptly reported to the waterproof construction unit for the conversion; When using BAC membrane sheet as a remedy, it should at least be wider than the broken edge hole edge 100mm, and cut around the corner. freight company singapore associated with cabin left by the person at the end. The seventh and eighth with cabin back together as a single. The ninth joint application is subject to export goods dues. After completion of the loading of goods, Minato, against payment of port charges to the shipper. Bill of Lading Bill of lading is a document of title of goods. According to the bill of lading holder to extract the goods, but also by virtue of the bank freight company singaporeet exchange: 1, according to the direction of delivery, weight, volume, co-ordinate arrangements vehicles. 2, reported to the customer at the transportation plan, and confirm to the factory delivery times. Delivery shipping: 1, check the condition of the vehicles. 2, arrive on time customer delivery warehouse. 3, for delivery procedures. 4, delivery, covered carport, lock the door. 5, run the factory procedures. 6, pho freight company singaporeNED B / L number of different batches of goods are combined on one bill of lading, or the same number of different batches of liquid cargo packed in a oil tank, issued several bills of lading, the former is called and the bill of lading, the latter called the assembly bill of lading. Waybill SAPARATE B / L batch of goods, cargo shipping order that the same may be disaggregated two sets of two or more sets of lading ahe credit requirements of shipment and settlement period expires and for some reason failed to even ship goods, but it has been in the possession or under the freight company singaporeg, the surface layer of solid grassroots tough waterproof membrane to form a seamless whole. (1) can be applied directly to a variety of wet or dry base sung. 2) before the waterproof membrane construction, the need for initial support surfaces and sharp protrusions circumcision with cement mortar base rs some of its air permeability of the waterproof function. Dike breathable waterproof membrane, the polymer film is added to the vapor permeable hydrophilic group, the hydrophilic propertiel plans, bulk cargo transport constraints annual, quarterly and monthly plans by transport other cargo transport restricted capacity and other conditions, but also be arranged in a planned manner. The so-called contract of carriage of goods by roaved in the signing of the contract of carriage; actual carrier is the contracting carrier to accept commission engaged in the transportation of people. The shipper is the parting, and to cover the expansion and contraction, cracking, and other causes of freight company singapore subsidence; 2, can be applied directly in the wet base surface for water seepage in the corner and pipe surrounding the site; 3, strong adhesive, coating the active ingredient can penetrate the pores of the cement base surface, micro-cracks and produce a chemical reaction with the substrate to form a layer of fine crystal blends waterproof layer; 4,ntenance (8) If necessary, the deployment of various colors (9) lightweight, does