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Restructuring of enterprises is transformed from the traditional logistics enterprises to modern logistics enterprises, which should have been the focus of research questions, but do not know why he was ignored. Because there is no restructuring of enterprises, the development of modern logistics is just empty talk. In the previous study this issue, we must first introduce modern freight company singaporelogistics enterprise classification. Modern logistics enterprises can be divided into three categoriefreight company singapores: The first category is not mastered any logistics service resources, specializing in logistics and route planning (including optimization) as well as the logistics chain integration to ensure seamless logistics enterprises. omote the rapid development of China’s air cargo. Colorful Guizhou Reuters wine for the upcoming expo and all the air out of the province to wait for goods, yesterday, China Southern Airlines Cargo Division for Social Guizhou company released five pledges, said domestic flights arrive, general cargo extraction time will not be more than 2 hours, anxious express or seafood and other fresh perishable goods delivery time is not more than one and a half hours. Direct lading DIRECT B / L refers to goods from the port of loadifreight company singaporeng, without changing the way the boat sail directly to the bill of lading issued for the discharge port of discharge. Intermodal transshipment bill of lading bill of lading or said THROUGH B / L refers to the middle of freight company singaporethe carrier to be issued safekeeping. Records of relevant content should be timely, complete and accurate, must not be altered. Road freight transport operators, vehicle technical dossier main contents are: basic vehicle, the main component replace freight company singaporeRoad transport authorities manage archives main contents are: basic vehicle, two maintenance and testing conditions, technical grade records, vehicle change records, accident records. erall performance requirements and test methods” (GB18565) and the “outer road vehicle profile dimensions, axle load and quality limits” (GB1589) The provisions of the national standarfreight company singaporeds, issued by the National Unity style test report. And based on the test results, the control industry standard “operating vehicle technology classification and assessment reqfreight company singaporeuirements” (JT / T198) assess vehicle technology levels. Freight vehicles into a technical level, two and three. Vehicle registration location road transport authorities above the county level shall vehicle technicaan application to the county road transport management agenfreight company singaporecies, and provide the following materials: (A) “Road Freight Transport Business Application Form” (see Annex 1); (B) The person in charge of proof of identity, proof of identity managers and power perators permit” in the “road transport operators permit” indicated on the scope of business. For road freight transport and freight station operations not license shall be issued to the applicant “shall not transport administrative licensing decision.” Article 13 The licensee shall follTo enhance the efficiency of cargo delivery to better serve shippers and travelers, Guizhou, China Southern Airlines Cargo Department has released five pledges: one, in the cargo storage time and the commitment of all the documents, the goods in place, cargo warehousing with shout with; on, but also pregnant with aviation opportunities. Wang Zhiqing told reporters that the new urbanization will have a huge rolverall income of modern service industry. Air Cargo as an important part of modern service industry, will significantly benefit from the new wave of urbanization. [Appreciates] “Aviation first” strategy, the ro the world to grasp the new opportunities.” However, where the bufreight company singaporesiness opportunitctors that key features links and compare to find out where the industry of the enterprise, that of the company’s market share and profits have a decisive role in the function of links and factors. Strategic focus is generally weak link, although many projects are important, but not weak, can not as a strategic priority. freight company singapore