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cArticle 54 of the freight station operators shall establish and improve various types of ledger and files, as required to submit relevant information. [3] Chapter VI Supervision and Inspection storage services SingaporeArticle 55 of the road transport authorities should strengthen the road freight transport operators and freight station business activities supervision and inspection. Article 27 of road freight transport operators should conduct regular security practitioners, professional ethics education and business knowledge, procedures training. storage services SingaporeArticle 28 of road freight transpoll not be transferred, leased, altered or forged. Article 30 The road freight transport operators should employ qualification certificate holders driving staff. Article 31 should be driving operations the driver qualification cateransport shall overrun the Ministry of Communications promulgated the “overloaded vehicles traveling the highway regulations” apply the appropriate approval procedures.  decision road transport authorities for the record. [3] Chapter III cargo vehicle management Article XIX of road freight transport operators shall establish vehicle technology management system, in accordance with the technical specifications prescribed by the state to carry out regular maintenance of freight vehicles to ensure that freight vehicles in good technical condition. Maintenance work projects and progpection Rojer projects. Diershitiao road freight transport operators should regularly freight vehicle detection, combined with the frequency of the vehicle regularly tested vehicle detection them together. storage services SingaporeArticle director of the National Transportation road freight transport and freight station management. Local people’s governments above the county level transportation departments responsible for the organization and leadership of the administrative regions of road freight transport and freight station management. Road transport authorities above the county level specific implementation of road freight transport and freight station management of the administrative region. [3] Chapter business license Article apply in the road freight transport operations, shall meet the following conditions: (A) has to adapt its business and has been tested and qualified transport vehicles: 1 vehicle technology requirements: (A) a vehicle shall comply with the technical performance of the national “Integrated operating vehicle performance requirements and test methods” (65) the requirements of the standard; (2) the vehicle outside dimensions, axle load and load mass shall conform to the national standard “road vehicles outside dimensions, axle load and quality limits” (GB1589) requirements. The vehicle other requirements: (3) engaged in container transport vehicles should also have a turnGB185 locking device fixed containers. (B) comply with the conditions of the driver: 1 to obtain the corresponding vehicle and d storage services Singapore riving a motor vehicle driver’s license; 2 Age not over 60 years of age; 3 municipal road transport authorities of the relevant districts by road goods transport regulations, motor vehicle maintenance and storage of goods and loading basic knowledge examination and obtain qualification certificates. (C) a sound safety management system, including safe production responsibility system, production safety operations procedures, safety production supervision and inspection system, driver and vehicle safety production management system. Article VII application in the (B) to adapt its business scale security, fire protection, handling, communication, metering and the application in the road freight transport operators shall submit of atto storage services Singapore rney; by(C) the motor vehicle driving license, vehicle detection certification copies; transport vehicles to be put into the undertaking, thef identity managers and power of attorney; Legal proof (three) business road freight station land, housing; (D) freight station completion and acceptance certificate; (E) the identity of professionals and managers with business to adapt proven, professional certificate; storage services Singapore(Six) business rules and safety management system text. Article X of the road transport authorities should follow, “People’s Republic of China Road Transport Regulations”, “traffic administrative licensing procedures to im