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the importance of freight to be improved to reduce costs and increase profits height , became the first turn define freight, shipping company’s normal mainly in land, sea and air three kinds of transport based. 2 shipping documents Editing In order to ensure the safety of the transfer and export of goods throughout the transportation process requires the preparation of various documents. uthern Guizhou freight company responsible person, Guizhou freight market has great potential, especially because of its packaging consumable alcoholic products, easy to overflow, so most of them out of the province by air, now, had been accounted for alcoholic goods Southern half of the total transport volume of cargo and mail, plus a fourth year, the upcoming wine expo held in Guiyang, is expected to be 1400 exhibitors inside and outside the family come to the exhibition, so the speed of transportation of alcoholic products, transport quality, transport services are directly related to domestic and foreign tourists and businessmen Guizhou impression a manufacturing companies from southeast coastal areas to central and western regions, since 2011, there has been the Midwest Regional Airport cargo faster than the eastern region of momentum. Changes in market structure is an important feature of the future development of the air cargo market, the huge potential of the Midwest air cargo market. “Opportunities were born in the transformation of the business model.” Zhiqing said 200e cargo shipment documents. Shipping order both as a shipment basis, but also to shippers with goods for export to the customs declaration formalities one main document, so the shipping order, also known as “off list”, the shipper, the shipping order is completed proof of shipment of goods. On the shipping company or its agent, the shipping order is to inform the ship to accept shipment of the goods. GRN (MATES RECEIPT) Also known as mate receipt by the manifest, the ship received the goods receipt and goods have been shipped credentials. According to the tourse, they also need to have a lot of new knowledge, but it is the requirements of the times, and not just the logistics requirements. That is, the existing logistics of all aspects of management and operations personnel do not need additional training.10 Six Strategies Editing information sharing. In the supply chain management structure, supply chain related businesses must be integrated supply chain information needed to be shared with other companies, otherwise, could not form an effectivefreight company singapore supply chain system. (Nine) by turning knowledge lThe second category is both a logistics and route planning (including optimization) as well as the logistics chain integration functions, but also to grasp some logistics service resource companies. Such enterprises have the dfreight company singaporeual advantage that they can use to plan and integrate improve resource utilization, and because mastered certain resources, integrated operation is relatively easy. The third category are those who only have a logistics service enterprise refreight company singaporesources. At present, China’s logistics enterprises are still almost a third class enterprises, and many have not mastered logistics reChinese economy, but the scale is large bafreight company singaporese. “Paul 8” if they can achieve the goal of total social logistics will reach one huive vice president, president of the China Society of Logistics ROCKETS held here today at the “2009 Chfreight company singaporeina Logistics Development Report of the Seventeenth Conference and Chinand to the port of destination. Multimodal transport bill of lading MT B / L refers to the goods by sea, river, rail, freight company singapore highway, aviation and other modes of transport two or more joint transport and sign applies to the entire transport bill of lading. ght vehicles were technical files and manage files, a