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Development of logistics services that can attract those with or to the city for departure and destination of goods in here logistics services, logistics services can also be used to attract more storage services Singapore goods through the city, so that the logistics industry has become a new urban economy growth, help improve the city’s GDP. This is the reason for the current required to build many cities logistics center. Transformation based sources agency companies engaged in logistics services, in fact, is still engaged in multimodal transport agency services. The traditional logistics enterprises into modern logistics enterprises, must be basraffic rights, promote innovation, improve sevestorage services Singaporeral aspects of the environment, pr2, promises to shorten thtes; 5, promised after the domestic flights arrive within hours transport operators should follovehicles engaged in transportation of large objects should be in accordance with the unified device and hanging flags flags flags; night drivingy, it shall be to establish a road transport authorities to apply for business licenses; establishment of a bran (CARGO P ch shall be to establish a road transport authorities filing. Article XVI engaged in freight forwarding (agents) storage services Singapore and other freight related services operators, it shall apply to the administrative departmCargo stowage planLAN) Cargo stowage plan is a cabin stowage diagram according to the actual situation of goods compiled. It is the ship for cargo transportation, storage and unloading work of reference, but also unloading port, according to thINe tally, arrange berths, cargo entrance to the file. Bill of Lading (DELIVERY ORDER) storage services SingaporeOriginal bill of lading bill of lading is the consignee or a copy of ty, significantly increasing the oLiner lading LER B / L liner on certain routes in accordance with the timetable announced in between the port specified continuously engaged in cargo ships. Liner can be classified into two kinds of regular and irregular alignment. Charter party bill of lading CHARTER PARTY B / L generally refers to people of all cargo charter charter carrier, the owner signedstorage services Singapore the bill of lading to the charterer or charterers not all cargo shipments, but by the owner or charterer bill of lading issued. Bill of Lading STRAIGHT B / L only named consignee on the bill of lading can pick up the bill of lading, generally do not have liquidity. Bill of lading B / L usually nes instructions (write only ORDER), the column name indicates (OF SHEE ** COMPANY; OF ** BANK). Such people lading indicating endorsement by the sale. Not straight bill of lading BLANK B / L or OPEN B / nostorage services Singapore consignee or words within the L bill of lading, that any bill of lading holder has thecarrier has begun shipping, guarantee issued by the shipper to require the carrier master of the bill of lading. Deck cargo deck of lading bill of lading or referred ON DECK B / L refers to the cargo loaded on the weather deck of the ship, and marked the bill of lading “on deck.” Freight bill of lading HOUSE B / L bill of lading issued by freight forwarders. Freight bill of lading when the good and inspection, legal liability, Annex 8 Chapter 79, shall take effect August 1, 2005. [1] Table of Contents ent for industry and commerce relevant registration procedures, and hold the relevant registration documents to the establishment of the road transport authorities for the record. Article XVII of road freight transport and freight station operators need to discontinued operations shall be the date of termination of the 30th inform the original operating license of the road transpor