slack adjuster

Extensive use of the car is facing the problem of repair and maintenance, initially, people are relying on car repairs hands and simple tools, and these simple equipment and tools, but also a car manufacturer or parts production enterprises. With car ownership increase, vehicle maintenance equipment geneepair equipment and produce the relevant services, slack adjuster such as maintenance and technical training, vehicle maintenance equipment exhibition, supermarket car maintenance equipment, car repair equipment stores. Chinese auto maintenance equipment industry also has a lengthy development process, many Chinese car care vehicle technology are foreign companies or through the improvement of reference, which become their own products. Despite the rapid development of China’s auto industry, but in some places after partial economic development, The gap between the wheels, brake cylinder Gou ensure travel is always the same, but also save labor manual adjustment. GK and 103 slack adjuster brake mechanism cylinders Gou on liA, 1–3–4–24–2–1–3 Does not enter into the double-double B, 1–2–4–34–3–1–2 Does not enter into the double-double Does not enter the double 4–5–3–1–2 Too gap between diesel gas and exhaust shortage caused by underinflated, valve clearance is slack adjustertoo small will cause the valve closed lax, allowing high-temperature gas and burn valve leakage from the gap. Th 2, it is worth noting that the valve clearance needs to be measured and a cold car hot car, the value and the measured value of the technical requirements for comparison. Generally cold car intake valve clearance is 0.35 mm, the exhaust valve clearance is 0.4 mm; 3,, hot car intake valve clearance is 0.25 mm, the exhaust valve clearance is 0.3 ance with the requirements of the return valve adjustment screw corresponding approximately gap laps. t hold the bearing cover gasket mounted, side evenly tighten the bearing cap {HotTag} screw on the side of the rotating shaft by hand until the rolling element bearing axial clearance; It’s time for the Bendix slack adjuster. Find out more today. 430,000 sq. ft mainly for the production of spring brake chambers and slack adjusters.2006 BTC Company obtained ISO/TS16949 certification. 2007 MBA-BTC Inc. obtained ISO/TS16949 certification.2012 The construction of a brand new factory located in Taishan, Use to turn the manual adjuster hex. Extra deep 7/16″ hex allows reach to recessed adjusters. History1997 Metro Bearing & Automotive Limited was founded in Hong Kong.1998 First factory was setup in Panyu and started production of auto parts andaccessories. slack adjuster2002Factory was moved to new premises in Dongguan and named MBA-BTC Inc. with r generations, the Bendix name has been synonymous with the best in proven performance, customer service and support, and the Bendix slack is no exception. It features advanced sealing technology and a unique external wrap spring one-way clutch which provides gradual adjustment to help prevent hot brake over-adjustment, as well as a minimized stable stroke value to optimize brake efficiency.advanced automotive service equipment has not been a lot of popularity. Development of the industry Internationally, vehicle maintenance equipment business very much, but well-known and influential industry enterprises, mainly in Germany, USA, Italy, France and other countries. Such as Germany’s v adjust valve clearance, it is best transferred to a predetermined order without gaps until the valve lash adjustment screw pitch and in accord tmen 4, so that all wheel braking consistent stabilizing effect; 5, reducing the consumption of compressed air, extending compressor life brake cylinder and compressed air systems to other par in high growth within the industry business model shift. With foreign investment, and continuously improve the international competitiveness of the industry, the market competition is becoming increasingly standardized, brand competition is increasingly fierce.