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storage services Singapore s, regulations and rules, not malicious competition, lower prices. [3] Chapter V Freight Station Management Article 42 freight station operators shall oper So, in thThird road cargo transportation and freight station operators shall operate in accordance with law, good faith and fair competition. Road freight transport management should be fair, just, open and convenient. Article encourage the implementation of the road transport of goods in storage services Singapore tensive, network operations. Encourage the use of container, closed vans and multi-axis heavy transport vehicles. undertaking shall include the number of vehicles, type, technical performance, invest time and other content; (D) employ or be employed driver’s driving license, qualification certificate and a copy; (E) safety management system text; Other materials (six) laws, rules and regulations. Article IX apply in the freight station operations, shall apply to the county road transport management agencies, and provide the following materials: (A) “road freight transport station (farm) management application form” storage services Singapore (see Annex 2);censing regulations. Road freight transport and freight station operators to change the name, address, etc., should be to make the original licensingRoad freight transport operators within the specified time, the comprehensive performance testing agen storage services Singapore cy vehicle in line with national standards for testing. Comprehensive performance testing organization for testing the vehicle in accordance with “commercial vehicles ovl level in the “road transport permits” on the marked. from improper means to attract cargo, monopoly supply. Shall n storage services Singapore ot impede other freight transport operators to conduct normal business activities. Road freight transport operators should take effective measures to prevent the cargo deterioration, decay, shortage or damage. Article 37 of road freight transport operators and cargo shipper shall accordance with the “Contract Law”, concluded road freight tr storage services SingaporeAirport Cargo three years is soaring. As of September 1 of this year, compared with growth of 109.98 percent over the same period last year. WASHINGTON clouds are cleared, there are business opportunities in the cloud. Yesterday, a group of international aviation biggest names gathered in Zhengzhou, participate in the first ICAO Air Cargo Deve storage services Singapore lopment Forum held here, the forum theme of “China andies in the sky? Yesterday’s forum, Chinese Zhiqing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority “pulse” of shipping opportunities. he overall look of goods and commercial logistics. Thus, the macro-logistics, transportatio storage services Singapore n issues to consider is the structure and as a logistics base for the industrial layout, as well as logistics and administration; issues dealing with micro-logistics business logistics system network, distribution centers and other content and calculate the cost of logistics, logistics management; half macro logistics refers to a variety of products from production to logistics and logistics cost path between the proportion of consumption in its commodity price and other i storage services Singaporeearly, conception is also high, so it is today.” He admitted that in the future, I hope our joint efforts in all aspects, the Zhengzhou Airport Economic comprehensi storage services Singapore ve experimental zone playing a model of the project. In addition to Zhengzhou’s “care,” he saiof general cargo extraction time is not more than two hours, anxious express or seafood and other fresh perishable goods delivery time does not exceed a half hours. tportunities and challenges of air cargo development? How to create a new system of rules? Logiacted foreign aviation big names “homage.” A dozen speeches, Zhengzhou airport has become a highWang Zhiqing said that China is no exception, 2011,2012 negative growth for two consecutive years, although domestic business re storage services Singapore turned to growth in 2013, but the international business continues to decline. In the first half of this year, finally out of the air cargo business dilemma for many years in the doldrums, domestic and i