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freight company singapore on management and senior personnel throughout the organization, and its requirements are limited. As for transportation, warehousing and other aspects of management and operations personnel, since they do not grasp the full, original basic knowledge struc freight company singapore ture can cope with. Of cChinese logistics experts said in 2009 despitindicators. 4 adhere to the “three-dimensional value” principle of coordinated development Logistics and corporate values is to develop strategies and systems logistics company starting point and destination, is to achieve enterprise system and an important business strategy ideological guarantee. China’s logistics enterprises encountered some problems in the development process, such as non-compliance with industry ethical behavior, the reason is companies do not adhere to the “three-dimensional value” coordinated development. The so-called “three-dimensional value” coordinated development, is the company to adhere to the coordinated development of economic value, cultural value and social value. Logistics enterprises are to sustainable development, in order to truly achieve a modern logistics development strategy, the strategy should be based on performance appraisal values of the economic value of sustainable development advocated a unified cultural values and social val well as to avoid sub-optimal effect and cost analysis to weigh the application in order to achieve the lowest total cost, while meeting tem of e-commerce vendors must focus ues. Ultimately it was a logis freight company singapore tics business enterprise, it is for the purpose of profit, therefore, rightly logistics enterprises should adhere to the “economic value”, adhere to the “pursuit of profit”; modern logistics development strategy in the implementation of logistics enterprises in the time bound difficulties encountered, if the building properly, the corporate culture will be the most favorable factors smooth impleme Logistics management in the modern sense appeared in the 1980s. It found that the use of cross-functional process management approach to observe, analyze and solve business problems is v freight company singapore ery effective. By analyzing material from the raw material to the factory, flowing through the production line each workstation, output of finished products, and then transported to distribution centers, and finally delivered to ntation of corporate strategy, on the contrary, the corporate culture is likely to become the greatest resistance; logisticsAccording to Sond reputation, for Southern specially for the service quality and efficiency has made five pledges to the next step with the airline fleet capacity amplification, facilitie freight company singapore s equipped with sound, China Southern Airlines will continue to increase freight service commitments content and projects. Taste of Nanning – Nanchang – Nanjing cargo route officially opened. This is the first courier industry in Guangxi cargo flights, marking the formal access Guangxi China Post Express Logistics distribution center in Nanjing. For a long time, EMS (China Post Express Logistics) timeliness of delivery has been criticized, the move could change the “slow travel” impression? Insiders said that the courier service covers recipient, sorting, multiple links transportation, deli freight company singapore very, etc., express delivery companies only strive to do every aspect, detail, in order to enhance their quality of service.      Major cities to achieve “next day delivery”      “Cargo aircraft taking off every night 11:00 from Nanning, Guangxi region to collect the shipment will reach Nanjing; Nanjing aThree laws: the type of bill of lading A definition of the shipping company Editing freight company singaporeTransport first as “the third profit source” and pay attention to the so-called third profit source, is the source of profits for the companies in terms of corporate profit source from the first increase in business sales, second profit source is the cost of production [1] (for manufacturers) or purchase costs (lower against the flow of business concerned), while profits by reducing costs has become the third profit source of business.