slack adjuster

slack adjuster removed the gas chamber comes connection fork, make sure the brake chamber push rod in the initial position. 2, the release liner kit to thracket and. 3, the adjustment that comes with a dedicated connection fork arm removed, putting it with the air chamber coupled together, and tighten the lock nut prepare putt on the gas chamber, and again to ensure that the brake chamber push rod is in the initial position . 4, will be removed to adjust the fork assembly up and down the middle of the gap values differ by more than 0.3mm; ② about inconsistent brake assembly hoof down the middle of the corresponding point gap value trends (eg: on the left brake shoe clearance value large gap under slack adjuster the hooves of small value, and the right brake shoe clearance of small value, large gap under the hoof value; or the left brake shoe small under hoof large, and the right brake shoe next big hoof small). Second, the demolition: 1 slack adjuster Remove the special connection with the adjustment of the fork arm coupling cotter pin, cylindrical pin. 2, remove the shaft end of the camshaft adjustment shims and cotter pin (or axial stopper plate, spring washers and bolts). This entry is missing information fields to supplement relevant content to make entry more complete, but also the rapid escalation, and quickly to edit it! Refers to slack adjuster all types of vehicle maintenance equipment for the automotive repair and maintenance of equipment, including maintenance tools, these devices are sometimes called Qibaoshebei, more and more attention because now the owner of vehicle maintenance, repair and maintenance of two-phase concept has been mentioned tied up. Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Development ▪ History ▪ Industry Development ▪ trends 3 Equipment Category 1 Introduction Editing In the past, due to the state of development of the automotive industry, vehicle maintenance and steam turbine equipment manufacturing technology and the use of digging the trench, slack adjuster do not use a dedicated analytical instruments but by the expertise to analyze and exclusion, fuel injector cleaning and testing equipment, polishing machine, waxing machine, vacuum cleaner suction machine, etc. . Sheet metal paint equipment, including paint room, paint lights, paint room, beam correction, gossip, gun and so on. Tire equipment, mainly refers to balancing machines, slack adjuster tire changer, nitrogen machine, tire machines. Maintenance supplies, including refinishing, refrigerant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricants, repair agents, glass of water, sealant, putty, rust inhibitors, water treasure, car wax, car glaze, refrigerant, automobile and motorcycle use cleaning agents, polishing agents tires, automotive adhesives, other Automatically adjust the clearance principle; describes the installation method. Problems 08.32 an automatic leveling ramming with cars and 08-475 turnout tamping machine are stepping jobs. Each time pounding the same loop operation, the braking mechanism had to wot, braking with brake shoe wear, brake cylinder Gou also a corresponding increase in stroke, if not promptly adjust Gou itinerary can not guarantee the necesstio of the pressure of the shoe, but the ratio is too large, the brake, as long as the wear of the shoe will have a very small Gou affect brake cylinder stroke. Automatic shoe c many years of practical application, also revealed deficiencies that exist, to use overhaul adversely. Especially RK. Type automatic shoe clearance adjustment device. Hereinafter referred to as the gap adjuster), often adverse remission, so run Two-way automatic shoe clearance adjustment device has been identified by the ministry, will soon use a large number of loading. Under this situation, the paper several issues bidirectional automatic shoe clearance adjustment device mounted on the truck (eg: control selection methods; determine brake cylinder Gou trip: Select L values; slack adjuster brake lever bracket opening size and asked roller mounting location, etc.) elaborated.