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stics way how to integrate? Amazing, congratulations,storage services Singapore I hope …… yesterday’s forum on the rapid development of Zhengzhou airport cargo, attrfocus from the perspective of strategic objectives to consider, is the core to achieve strategic objectives. Strategic focus is a key part of the strategy is a complicated thing in the principal contradiction. Strategic decision to focus on the strategic rules, including the delineation of the strategic phase configura storage services Singapore tion and various resources. The focus is not clear, based on the entire strategic, even if for some reason failed, but has been in the pding the carrier left at the end Exhibition Center, participate in the ICAO Air Cargo Forum.  in road freight transport operations. [3] Chapter IV freight management Twenty-six road freight  transport operators in the accepted laws and administrative regulations of restricted when the voucher transport of goods, shall examine and confirm the relevant procedures before shipping the complete and effective. The shipper shall handleGDP output Article 40 traffic accidents, natural disasters, public health and other public emergencies, road freight transport operators ate in accordance with the approved licensing matters license management, not free to change the freight station uses and services. Article 43 freight station operators sh storage services Singapore all strengthen security management, improve safety conditions, improve and implement the safety production responsibility. Freight station operators shall outbound vehicle safety checks to prevent overloading of vehicles or vehicles without security checks outbound ensure safe producti enterprises in order to develop long-term survival, we must take into account the interests of their own parties stakeholders, which requires enterprises to achieve social values and fulfill certain social responsibilities, otherwise, logistics companies with key stakeholders confrontation might jeopardize their own survival. ess has a small size, light weight, high magnitude of value characteristics, air cargo will inject new vitality. Seemingly not take the side of the avia storage services Singapore tion new urbanizatiad is very right Today, with the development of Henan aviation wings are wings and fly. In this regard, Wang Zhiqing said Henan in recent years, especially since 2009, first identified the civil aviation development strategy, this path is right. “I remember very clearly in 2009 when the plan started in Zhengzhou, Henan Airport Economic comprehensive experimental zone, and now t storage services Singapore he results exceeded our expectations.”  of interest. Therefore, the virtual enterprise logistics but also to expand the distribution amount. Such as Japan, the goods thirty kilograms or less, to [Transnet] (ie, express) mode distribution, as well as small quantities of the courier system tray delivery systems and complex distribution systems to diversify distribution.◆ deplet storage services Singapore ion time method (Depletion Time Method) Logistics planning method is one way of mass production. Refers to the production plan has been scof lading issued by shipping finished earlier than the actual date of the bill of lading. Master of lading ADVANCED B / L due to the credit provisions of shipme exempng legal persons, other economic organizations, individuossession or under the 1 promul storage services Singapore gated Order 2 Amendment Decision 3 Regulation Full text ▪ Chapter I General Provisions ▪ Chapter II operating permit ▪ Chapter III cargo vehicle management ▪ Chapter IV freight management ▪ Chapter Freight Station Management ▪ Chapter VI Supervision and Inspection ▪ Chapter VII Legal Responsibility ▪ Chapter VIII SupplementaOverall, the outlook is very good. Transportation stimulating economic Transportation stimulating economic National Development and Reform Commission released data confirms the high logistics costs. Gradually to the versatile universal development of modern logistics. Chinese total storage services Singapore social logistics rapid growth in the first half of 2012, growth slow in the stabilization of the storage services Singapore total social logistics reached 83.6 trillion yuan, according to comparable prices, an increase of 10%, growth rate down 3.7 percentage points over the same period in 2011.