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freight company singapore perational efficiency; Third chain together distribution centers set up to promote the growth of the chain efficiency. U.S. chain’s distribution center has a variety, maiThrough transport international, can make the world appear in a different color designer person; through advanced storage technology that allows fresh fruits and vegetables in anfreight company singaporey season debut; moving company attentive service that allows people to easily move new homes; variety baggage business forms, allowing people to enjoy the comfort of fun on the road. 7 Source Editing 1, for the concept of “logistics” Different countries have different institutions vary in different periods, the earliest documented on logistics activities in the UK. 1918, Lord British still freight company singapore Hamm established the “Instant Delivery Co., Ltd.”, aimed at a natiofreight company singaporenwide Logistics Logistics The goods promptly sent to wholesalers, retailers and users. uccession Britain Lian supply chain technology innovation. 2, flat innovative supply chain organization into the mainstream. 3, the enterprise supply chain hybrid organizational model is emerging. freight company singapore 4, C2B model and agile manufacturing has become a new bright spot. 5,020 new supply chain model becomes say nothing of the point of development of the industry. 6, supply chain platform mesh pattern previews anti Service. 16 production logistics Editing Production logistics generally refers to: raw materials, fuel and foreign components ifreight company singaporento production later, after cutting, hair materials, transported to the various processing points and stornterprise by improving the downstream supply chain relationships, integration and optimization of the supply chain information flow, logistics, capital flow, in order to obtain a competitive advantage. Supply chain management is the effectiveness of the management, the performance of the enterprises in the strategy and tactics of the whole enterprise workflow optimization. Integrate and optimize suppliers, business efficiency manufacturers, retailers, so that the correct amount of goods, the right quality, in the right place, the right time, the best cost for productiochain is the strategic management of the whole process, from the general to consider, if only part of the information depends on the part, due to the limitations or distorted information that may lead to plans distortion. Third, the concept of different chain inventory on a different section in the logistics supply chain management, it isith the large demands ofreight company singaporef society and economy are inseparable. Due to the limited resources of the earth, for long-term, sustainable development, human beings must learn to maintain our environment requires us to various economic life can not harm the natural environment on which we live. Development of the logistics, it should not only promote economic development and protect human health development. Most countries in the development of transport, packaging and other regulations, are more or less reflects the recycling of materials, to prevent damage to the environment of thought, which requires companies in carrying out logistics activities, be sure to pay attention to with the corresponding laws and regulations. Services serialization Modern logistics logistics services emphasize proper positioning and finished Huge modern logistics station Huge modern logistics station Shanhua, serialization. In addition to traditional storage, transportation, packaging, distribution pment, modern logistics will provide value-added services 2. Traditional logistics services are passive, active modern logistics services 3. Traditional logistics implementation manual cfreight company singaporeontrol, the implementation of modern logistics information management 4. No uniform standard traditional logistics services, modern logistics implementation of standardized services 5. Traditional logistics fong the production of goods, the demand for logistics activities will increase. Traditional logistics is decentralized, and modern logistics is continuously carried out after the integfreight company singaporeration. 7 trends Editing Modern Logistics Park Modern Logistics Park Development trends of modern logistics showing globalization, multi