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freight company singapore storage of conduct, implementation and process control. Logistics: the warehousing center, promote the production to keep pace with the market Chinese name Logistics Foreign Name logisfreight company singaporetics Time to introduce China in the 1980s Traditional logistics English Physical Distribution Level distribution management, logistics management, supply chain management Table of Contents 1 Basic Information ▪ explain a ▪ explain two ▪ explain  does not accept the unified arrangements; (Five) caused by loading gauge, overloading; (Six) transport no proof of restricted materials; (Seven) did not examine the embargo, of restricted supplies proof, stowage embargo of restricted materials. Article 75 The freight company singaporestaff of road transport regulatory agencies in violation of the provisions of the following circumstances shall be given appropriate administrative sanctions; constitutes a crime, be hefreight company singaporeld criminally responsible: (A) the conditions, procedures and deadlines are not in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the provisions of an administrative license; (B) engaging in unsanctioned road freigof social reproduction Logistics activities also have three elements of productivity, and labor, labor and labor objects. Social Logistics Logistics service 6 role Editing On the role of logistics, said the summary, including service providers stream, protect and facilitate the production of the three aspects of life. Service providers stream In the business ffreight company singaporelow activities, freight company singaporeownership of the goods at the moment of purchase and sale contract signed on, they shifted from supply side to the demand side, while commodity entity has not been moved. In addition to the non-physical delivery of futures trading, the general business flow must be accompanied by appropriate logistics process, that in accordance with the demand side (the purchaser) the need to commodity entity by the supplier (seller) in an appropriate way, way transfer to the demand side. In this n and sales. Meaning the supply chain from procurement to start after the production, distribution, sales and freight company singaporefinally to thefreight company singapore user, this is not an isolated act, but a certain flow of interlocking rings of “chain” logistics activities are subject to the decision of the supply chain , supply chain management and logistics companies actually put all the activities as a unified process to manage. Supply chain has four points: First, the supply chain is a one-way process, each link in the chain is not split from each other, but through the chain link as a whole. Second, the supply Target systematic From the perspective of overall planning of modern logistics systems of a company as a whole variety of logistics activities, handle well the relationship between logistics activities and logistics activities between logistics activities and the flow of commerce activities and the company’s goals, not for a single activity optimization, but seeking to optimize the overall activity. Modern means Modern logistics using advanced technology, equipment and management services for sales, production, distribution, sales volume more Standards of modern logistics companies and third party logistics Standards of modern logistics companies and third party logistics Large, the wider the range, the more modern logistics technology, equipment and management. Computer technology, communications technology, mechatronics technology, voice recognition technology, universal applica fine Kennedy called the world. oading anfreight company singapored unloading, handling, storage, improve only wholesale type, retail and warehouse-type three types. —- (1) Type —- wholesale food distribution center in California is the nation’s second-largest wholesale distribution center, built in 1982, the building arefreight company singaporea 100,000 square meters, the staff of about 2,000 people, a total of fully enclosed temperature controlled vehicles more than 600 vehicles, 1995 annual circulation, it is necessary to use logistics resource planning (LRP). ◆ send center (Despatching Centre) Is from the provider where he received many kinds of large quantities of items, through transport, sub-ticket, storage, distribution, processing and information processing, sorting goods in accordance with the requiremen