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storage services Singapore from the date of acceptance shall be made within 20 days of approval or disapproval of the decision; road transporl issue a “road freight transport business administrative licens storage services Singapore ing decision” (see Annex 3), the express permission of the matter. Within 10 days to the licensee issued a “road transport operators permit” in the “road transport operators permit” indicated on the scope of business. Road transport authorities for freight station operations to meet the statutory requirements to apply for approval of the administrative licensing decision, it shall issue a “road freight transport station (farm) management of administrative licensin terms of the corresponding assessment of modern logisticsc Guests talk about “days” on the “ground” on the topic tall. For example, what opnternational air cargo restore stable growth, the growth rate was 4.7% and 6.6%. However, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International [Analysis] huge market po storage services Singapore tential for air cargo Midwest This is undoubtedly exudes opportunities taste. Finally, do not leave adhere to the forum, Mr. CEO from Germany and Central Airport Group MarkusKopp only for the release of his “voices.” He said he came from Leipzig Halle Airport, which is Germany’s second-largest cargo airport, he looked forward to soon be able to further deepen cooperation with the Zhengzhou airport. So, the air cargo business opportunities Where is it? “Conceived in the adjustment of industrial structure opportunities among.” Zhiqing told reporters.  of8-2013, China’s express delivery market average compound annual growth rate of 43.5 percent, business scale has been ranked second in the world, has become China’s economic development in the horse. “dark horse. “Future, more personalized production, personalization and distribution needs, will further promote air cargo services Modern distribution is a significant development in their respective areas of distribution, optimize distribution wayheduled production time, plus the stock of existing products sufficient to meet a group of users of the product in terms of time and quantity requirements of this Act may be used to arrange the use of the same kind of equipment a different set of products the main objective of using depleted-time method for production jobs plan is balance. storage services Singapore supporting distribution (Corollary Delivery) In accordance with the requirented enterprises, is the equipment, manpower, management and operations, convert service t storage services Singapore o users. Logistics activity is acce conversion logistics, relative to the output is sold outside the foreign enterprises or enterprise logistics service logistics. Thus, in business activities, logistics is to infiltrate activities among various business activities. 22 prospects Editing Industry Forecast 2012, Chinese railway wagons operating speed is only about 46.4 km, bulk, container and other efficient modes of transportation proportion is low, long loading time; highway truck operators speed less than 50 km; lower inla ng investment in transport vehicles. Purchase of vehicles or vehicle has been verified by the road transport authorities and meet the conditions, road transport authorities to put allot of transport vehicles, “road transport permits.” Article XIV of road freight transport operators and freight station operators shall hold “road transport operators permit,” according to the administrative department for industry and commerce relevant registrt authorities, and go through the cancellation procedures. This bill of lading from a technical and strict legal sense, is the lack of effectiveness of the bill of lading. “Decision on Amending <road freight transport and station management regulations>’s” No. 1 published in the 3rd amen storage services Singapore dment. The “rule” sub-General, business license, freight vehicles, freight management, freight station management, supervision ed on their storage services Singaporeth a macro issue, but also micro issues, so, sometimes with “semi-macro” argument. Macro focus is the overall logistics national or regional, micro-business look from the logistics, half the macro from tssues. 20 The importance Editing Economy in circulation in the economy logistics, economy, transportation, logistics position in the