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Taps Singapore Faucet is a faucet in one, though small in size, but the position in the flow of people crowded public places and home life can be described as pivotal. Buy a favorite faucet home, how to properly use and maintain, is that many consumers feel headache. In the process of using the faucet, always with a little tap frequent close contact. So at such a high frequency of use, how are we going to maintain the tap it? How can we let the Taps Singaporefaucet longer life? The introduction of the new national standard faucet, for consumers, is undoubtedly more thanleaks and damage. Repair: The repair spend, various devices are very different, the material is not very simple, some Also known that thermal electric faucet taps or fast hot water tap, including the faucet body and flow control switch, fauc Taps Singaporeet body has a heating chamber and electrical control chamber, separated by a seal plate, electrical control chambFaucet album Faucet albums (22) 2. By function can be divided into vanities, bathtubs, showers, kitchen sink taps and electric faucet (porcelain can be electric faucet), with the improvement of living standards, quickly heating the tap (porcelain can be electric faucet) more and more consumer who welcomed the faucet is expected to become the leading revolutionary new protagonist. Porcelain can be electric faucet Porcelain can be electric faucet 3. According to the structure to points, can be divided into single-joint type, duplex and triplex, such as several taps. In addition, there is a single handle and double handle points. Single-joint type can be accessed by the to ensure that people’s intake of lead. The role of copper Copper is an essential trace element in the human body, it is an important component of proteins and enzymes in the body. It produces the body’s metab Taps Singaporeolic processes for role in promoting the body’s many functions. Copper can inhibit bacterial growth and maintain clean drinking water. Mor Taps Singaporee than 99% of bacteria in the water entering the copper pipes disappear after five spite the essential trace element copper is important, but if excessive intake, but also easy to cause toxic reactions. Mainly by heavy metal ions o Taps Singaporef copper harm. When the remnants of a large body of heavy metals, can easily cause a burden on the organs of the body, especially the liver and gallbladder, when both organ problems, to maintain the body’s metabolism will appear disorders, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites is even more serious. Cadmium on the human body Lead to hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused; destroy calcium, causing kidney dysfunction. Chrome on the human body Can cause numbness, mental abnormalities. Arsenic on the Taps Singapore human body Causes skin pigmentation, resulting in abnormal keratinization. Carcinogenic effects of arsenic have been affirmed as the IARC, has a long incubation period of the long-term effects. As it may cause skin cancer and lung cancer, but has also been reported to cause liver, esophagus, intestine, kidney, bladder and other organs of tumor and leukemia. 4 Maintenance Editing Cleaning 1. Do not wipe th Taps Singaporee faucet directly to the surface with a wet towel; 2. Do not wipe the faucet wit common; stainless steel spool better suited poor water quality piral. . Soon, three spiral lift fPE pipe, brass, U-PVC pipe, plastic coated pipe, stainless steel pipe, galvanized pipe. In general, Sheung Shui often use environmentally friendly PPR pipe, galcators 1 Introduction Editing Faucefollowing: (a) activated carbon water filter with activated carbon as a leader of the main water puri