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Outdoor Lounge Furniture a large platform for generous home and abroad into the industrial base of direct knowledge of the elegant sourcing quality, Wumart inexpensive high-end outdoor leisure products make a public exhibition concept businesses and individuals realize once again that these coastal manufacturing industry + leisure Products industry show a special exhibition industry promotion to “create a new fashion leisure li Outdoor Lounge Furniture fe” as the theme for a period of five day exhibition exhibitor booth during particularly bother exhibit on display at the same time also with flowers, fruit, wine, etc. To do this decorative attract many buyers stopped reporters at the scene saw the exhibition of different skin, hear all visitors to a different tune specifically for the event and gathered here for their serious look carefully visit this special exhibition showcasing waterfront outdoor leisure products make them a pleasant surprise, even if only a small plus innovative furniture items can surprise from them but the expression of appreciation seen a satisfactory answer Guangdong merchants Chen Bo told reporters that he was doing the first two years of casual dining particularly coastal went to “seek treasure” This is mainly wanted to know about the rotation umbrellas look fabrics, materials, etc. “accompanied by a few friends already laid down a number of fabric sofa ready to buy if the price is right, I go back a number of rotating parasol” comes from the cross-town South Korean count Outdoor Lounge Furniture y was able to speak more fluent Chinese 朴锡浩 told reporters he heard waterfront work to do in Shanghai Show colleagues had told the company he joined in the fun surprise visit to the sea there are so many outdoor leisure furniture, “a fancy outdoor sofa on the balcony at home should be good.” It is understood that the total size of 31,000 square meters exhibition pavilion , display, direct marketing area 23,000 square meters separate 8000 m2 experience the area has attracted 148 domestic and foreign companies related leisure products, nearly 1500 total of more than 30,000 buyers who come to view exhibitions at the exhibition site a lot companies are the largest single-site harvest with this platform has more than 350 batches of more than 800 people went to visit and inspect each company to establish a cooperation with enterprises and some warn that the exhibit area in the direct business is once sold out of stock performance every color than the previous “This house outdoor event Outdoor Lounge Furniture for those of us is a very small size of the enterprise sales presentation platform” Yongqiang Group, respo Outdoor Lounge Furniture nsible person in an interview that the government provide a platform for businesses to reach more merchants and some other manufacturers can interact with each other to learn and progress, “the electricity supplier for-City” build Lincheng “outdoor” economy continues to grow and develop as an upgraded version of the city’s 20 years there have been a number of positive characteristics, Yongqiang, spring and as the representative of outdoor leisure products business is now ttracted nearly 200 companies to showca to rise to a certain extent in previous years demand, the outdoor market has also usher display. All Friends Outdoor Lounge Furniture of the customer service said, with ten gold, nine silver and promotional activities, the future we will be more broad areas, the design team also Sudare equipped with a removable tray, bowl-shaped container, which is the designer of a little ingenuity. Details of the New World Hotel Furniture City interior layout, ed in a positive signal News gourmet food of outdoor furniture companies seek to “export domestic “transformation.Through his investigation and study, a larger circle of activities, and can bringhttp://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges