if you have a wheelchair lightest wheelchair ramp.

Come to the Visitor Service Center to ask if you have a wheelchair lightest wheelchair ramp. What he did not expect was that because of the many steps in the North Palace lightest wheelchair ramp, it was difficult to implement wheelchairs, so wheelchair rental services were not provided lightest wheelchair ramp. Mr. Zhou drove his family to the East Gate, 1.5 km away lightest wheelchair ramp. “We have a total of two wheelchairs, and we borrowed them before 8:00 on holidays.” The staff at the Dongmen Service Center said that in addition to the Beigongmen lightest wheelchair ramp, wheelchairs can be borrowed for free at each entrance and exit of the Summer Palace. The deposit is 500 yuan. But compared to the peak passenger flow of tens of thousands of people, the 30 wheelchairs in the entire park are inevitably stretched. “Pushing the old man in a wheelchair, we can go shopping carefully, and we won’t go to the horse. Otherwise, we can’t hold it.” In desperation, Mr. Zhou chose to rent a wheelchair from a nearby dealer. Later, the reporter went to the explanation service of the Nomen Square in the Forbidden City. The free wheelchairs provided by the park were all borrowed. “You can wait here for a while. After the borrower returns, you can use it.” The staff told reporters, “But every visitor’s garden time is not necessarily short, two hours short, one day long, can’t give you a Specific waiting time. “Hidden dangers: Occasionally, maintenance is never disinfected. While providing convenience for tourists, there are also many health and safety hazards in illegally renting wheelchairs. During the visit, the reporter found that these wheelchairs are mostly low-grade cloth simple models, the price is about two or three hundred yuan, and some even used second-hand wheelchairs rented by vendors, the maintenance situation is really worrying. In the commissary of the East Palace Gate of the Summer Palace, the reporter proposed to rent a more sturdy wheelchair for the promotion of a family member with a larger weight. The boss took the reporter to his own warehouse, turned left and right, and finally found one in several broken wheelchairs. “Look, this one is old, but it can bear 300 pounds, it is very strong.” The boss used a rag to get rid of the dust, but the old stains could not be wiped off. After a few steps, the wheels are always creaking. He can’t remember how many years this wheelchair has been purchased. Jun brother who is doing business at the front door has already trained himself to build a wheelchair. “Some tourists don’t care, pushing a wheelchair is a slope and a rockery. It’s easy to break.” Junge said that if the returned wheelchair is obviously damaged, he will fumble for himself, but will not thoroughly Scrubbing and disinfecting. Can you use the wheelchair with unqualified quality? Can you use it with confidence?One tourist said that he hopes that the government can regulate the wheelchair rental market and supplement the shortage of scenic service facilities, so that tourists can enjoy peace of mind and peace of mind.