Management, business development and other work nail central

Management, business development and other work nail central. At present, Jingdong Health takes medicine, medicine and health as its core. Medicine health e-commerce, Internet medical care nail central, health service and smart solution “four carriages” go hand in hand. In the medical health e-commerce section, Jingdong Health will rely on Jingdong Pharmacy and Medicine. Products such as Jing Cai provide services such as retail of pharmaceuticals nail central, wholesale of pharmaceuticals, and retail of non-pharmaceutical pan-health products. The third-party drug wholesale trading platform drug Jingcai has maintained rapid growth since its launch. By July 2019 nail central, it covered 19 provincial-level administrative regions and 47 cities, and nearly 100,000 downstream procurement merchants. “medical + medicine” closed loop nail central. As the core product of Internet medical treatment, Jingdong Internet Hospital is one of the first Internet hospital platforms in China to obtain Internet hospital licenses. The turnover of psychological consulting services has increased by 9.3 times year-on-year nail central, making it one of the fastest growing Internet medical platforms. The health service section, hospitals and government departments provide partners with information and intelligent solutions based on Internet + technology. A number of retail pharmacies have become the first batch of listed merchants; in the cooperation between hospitals and the government, with the leading edge of Jingdong technology, the patient-centered medical process is implemented to create a smart hospital solution that integrates online and offline. Provide patients with a better medical experience and continue to promote innovation in medical services. A large number of high-tech projects were put into operation in Langfang, and Wen’an County was at the forefront of development. To accelerate the formation of non-capital functions in an orderly manner, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters with the core competitiveness of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. In the past few years, the Wen’an County Party Committee and the county government have continued to strengthen the “disintegration” corporate governance, adjusted the development strategy of the northern science and technology new district in Wen’an, and fully integrated the Xiong’an new district. Among them, the Wen’an Smart New City built by the Pomegranate Group has made useful explorations in improving the living environment, improving the living facilities in the new district, and transforming and upgrading the service area. According to public information, the Wen’an Northern Science and Technology New District project is a core industry that participates in the planning of the Beijing Municipal Sub-center and the Xiong’an New District. The project plans to create the Science and Technology Industrial Center and the Achievement Transformation Center as the core industries. The three cores are the incubator, accelerator and results transformation. Functional composition. At the same time, the technology innovation enterprises in the center are supplemented by innovation, entrepreneurship services and financial capital support, providing one-stop comprehensive services for small and medium-sized technology enterprises. The reporter also learned that the Pomegranate Group combines its own technological advantages.Positioning to create a new area of science and technology tourism with the integration of production and city with Wen’an characteristics.