Taiwan went to a well-known night market to shout for a long time Taipei hotel near MRT,

A few days ago, a well-known Internet celebrity politician from Taiwan went to a well-known night market to shout for a long time Taipei hotel near MRT, “I can take a photo with the mayor”, but most of the crowds rushed to the chicken stalls. My dad went home and talked to Taipei hotel near MRT me about this matter, showing a gratifying smile, “Come on, let’s eat.” Of course, in the eyes of some “Awakening Youths”, the dark blues are simply unreasonable. In the 2014 local elections, they also Taipei hotel near MRT Someone laughed at the forums for “not passing the intelligence test” (still voted for the Kuomintang). So, in the morning Taipei hotel near MRT after the end of the Taiwan election, I went out and saw Mr. Kuomintang ’s legislators who were elected, sitting in a Taipei hotel near MRT campaign car, waving and thanking each passing pedestrian—yes, with the Kuomintang in all districts. Suffering from Waterloo, but the enthusiastic folks are still the strong backing of the KMT. Why Taipei hotel near MRT are you so blue? Outsiders will ask, blue to the point can be used as an indicator-if come, the result is full of people, rushing to shake hands, you can judge the Kuomintang is in danger. This election is also a mathematical problem for Yonghe residents. Some people vote blue but not South Korea. Some people vote South Korea but not blue. Some people think that the influence of blue is greater than that of Han. Everyone thinks that Han is not equal to blue. Of course, the young people do n’t talk back on the surface, and they may also complain on Facebook that “my parents are too Korean. It ’s terrible.” We are big and have enough MRT stations, free buses, and libraries. The typhoon did not flood, and a group of retired middle-aged and elderly people went to the park to talk about gossip. There were enough reasonable coffee shops near the city for rent. God, for more than ten years, was too content. Therefore, the elderly (such as my parents) who lived for most of their lives thought about it all day long and looked at the face and saw vomiting, but every time they walked into the voting booth, they were still “honest”. If you go directly to the question “Why didn’t you pass the intelligence test”, the old man will kick you to the sky and fail the intelligence test? Can you get into a police school or a civil servant? We are in the cultural and educational district, and weird and deadly pranks! Just like many elderly people have supported their lives for different reasons, there are historical reasons, but there are also politicians’ service contributions. If you rudely conclude that “a group of brainwashed”, then you will always live in your imagination. If you are willing to drink tea, many elderly people will tell you their story. Investors have their own reasons, and there are too many types of investors: I am mostly opposed to policies and afraid of the “Reverse Infiltration Law”. Some people are optimistic about their past contributions on both sides of the economy. Of course, there are also those who are attracted by their personal charm. https://www.sherwood.com.tw/en/Traffic