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freight company singapore gistics enterprises pursuit In e-commerce, third-party logistics industry is between supplier and purchaser between purpose is to serve as the first. Judging from the current situation of the logistics, the logistics service companies not only to the region, but also long-distance services. Because customers not only want to get good service, but hope is not a point of service, but many. Quality and system services so that logistics companies and shippers corporate strafreight company singaporetegic partnership (or strategic alliances), on the one hand helps shippers enterprise products quickly to market, improve competitiveness, on the other hand makes logistics enterprises have stable resources, in terms of logistics enterprises, service quality and service levels are becoming more important than thor-made style, and with personalized service, companies increasingly turn to emphasize integration across enterprise boundaries, making the maintenance and management of customer relationships is becoming increasingly important. (B) the steering joint by opposition. Traditional commercial channels, the enterprise mostly self-centered, the pursuit of self-interest, which often result in confrontation between enterprises. However, in the pursuit of greater competitiveness, driven by a number of companies began to function on the integration of various commercial circulation, through joint planning and operations, a highly integrated supply chain channel relationships, so that the overall performance and effectiveness of the channel dramaticalfreight company singaporely. (C) by predicting changes the final survey. The traditional circulation model by predicting the downstream channel resources to carry out the operation of the logistics activities, unfortunately, rarely predict accurately, thus wasting a lot of natural andresources, and the main industry weakened. Trends in business today is the focus on core business, the non-core business entrusted to a professional management company to do it, to form a virtual enterprise integration system so that the body corporate to provide better products and services. (H) information is retained by turning earning training. In the foreseeable future, any logistics procedures are manpower to compfreight company singaporelete. However, most require logistics operations in variousr value-added services that the circulation process is also certain. For a city, the situation may not be the same. h a strong strength of the business. Therefore, the vast majority are still the third category should first transformation, namely the traditional third-class to a third class of modern logistics enterprise transformed from, and then re-create the cofreight company singaporenditions into the second category. fter sorting, night flying around the country to send.” General manager of marketing department of Guangxi Post Express Logistics Tang Xinxin introduction. Trucking companies ie physical distribution, includinfreight company singaporeg corporate, sellers of their own transportation, warehousing, packaging and transportation and other activities of the company. Table of Contents A definition of the shihousing, distribution and other aspects of logistics and transportation business tax rate unification, reduction of threfreight company singaporee percent. Industrial land in accordance with the land use levy taxes of logistics enterprises, reduce local discretion to encourage the construction of new storage facilities and upgrading of existing facilities. – To solve the problem of traffic restrictions logifreight company singaporestics enterprises encounter. Urban distribution vehicle-specific models to determine the standard or specification, providing easy access for delivery vehicles into the city dock and unload, with reference to international standards, national standards re-enacted car transporters, car carriers to resolve the overrun limi, otherwise it will lead to in order to evaluate and assess, less effective, more harm than good. 2 Scientific Principles Assessment of modern logistics development strategy must adhere to scientific principles, scientific, fair, reasonable and effective are the basic principles of modern logistics development strategy designed to evaluate the system. The design of the system of science must be accurat