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storage services Singapore distribution, thus greatly improving the service level of logistics enterprises, reducing costs. 3.4 Globalization – logistics enterprises competing trends The early 1990s, due to the emergence of e-commerce, accelerate the integration of the global economy, resulting in the development storage services Singaporeof logistics enterprises reached a multi-national technology. It is gathered from many different countries the resources they need, after re-processing exports to countries such as the previously mentioned Taiwan’s computer industry. Trends in globalization strategy, so that the logistics and production enterprises ercentage of the value added by the customer in the enterprise can be accounted for. (Six) by turning functional integration program integration. In the increasingly fierce competition in the channel enstorage services Singaporevironment, companies must respond faster on downstream customers’ needs, and therefore must effectively integrate the various departments of operations, and program-style operating system actions, logistics operations and activities of most cross-functional, cross-characteristics of the enterprise, it is procedural integration is successful logistics management focus. storage services Singapore(Seven) by turning the virtual inal risks. Upstream and downstream vertical integration is extended, using a joint strategy to consolidate the market, expand competitiveness. Of course, you can use a variety of joint bonds, however, more reliable link or capital, that joint to the acquisition, merger, consolidation, estorage services Singaporetc. is appropriate. We can say that the traditional logistics industry to the development process of modern logistics, must be accompaniedng problem. – The establishment of an open public logistics information platform system, information sharing, integration sstorage services Singaporeervices, eliminating “islands of information.” – Solve logistics problems in customs clearance, establish a unified information platform for rapid response logistics management. – Organization and implementation storage services Singaporeof demonstration projects to guide manufacturers separation outsourced logistics services, promote manufacturing and logistics industry linkage, promote operational efficiency improvement and development mode.It is reported that in 2008 the tstorage services Singaporeotal social logistics China amo3 principles of cost-benefit trade-offs Cost-effective trade-off is one of the limiting factors in the strategic performance evaluation must be considered, namely the strategic benefits arising from the performance evaluation should be more than (at least equal to) the cost spent in the assessment process, otherwise, the performance evaluation is not economical. The purpose of logistics enterprises of modern logistics development strategy is early detection assess the problems in strategic management, performance management personnel properly evaluate, assess and control systems but also bring a corresponding cost, therefore, to assess the benefits and c development strategy should also adhere to the principle of “three-dimensional value” coordinated development. 12 development priorities Editing Development of strategic focus, is a key part of the strategy, generally refers to the basis of the analysis of internal and external links, to achieve the strategic objectives have a significant impact but the main direction of the weakest link. Strategic focus is an important element of the strategy is one of the basic elements of a comprehensive strategy, only to seize the strategic focus in order to ensure the realization of strategic objectives. Therefore, the strategi heat word constantly being filed. “Said the Zhengzhou airport to congratulate the past two years, the Zhengzhou airport cargo development is very good.” Airports Council International (ACI) Director General AngelaGittens lady said.2012, the Zhengzhou airport cargo grew 47 percent, an increase of 69% in 2013. AngelaGittens commented, this is the world’s fastest growing cargo airport, and its cargo growth trend is very strong. It is understood that in recent years, global air cargo experienced a “growing pains.” Since the global financial crisis in 2008, the World Air Cargo fivestorage services Singapore consecutive years of negative growth, until the slow recovery began last year, an increase of 1.4%.