slack adjuster

Vehicles using the automatic adjusitems are as follows: Structural adjustment ap, the coil compression spring 4 works automatically adjust arm Editing Design ideas s At the beginning of the brakes, drive the camshaft adjustment arm angle and excessive gap turned clearance angle, and accurate records produced by wear. At this point the cam angle stroke in the gap region, the gap region is characterized by little change in braking torque. While continuing to brake, rotary cam into the elastic deformation zone, a sharp rise in braking torque until the car stops. Release the pedal, brake return, brake torque down, cam angle stroke back gap region. According to excessive gap adjustment arm braking records, internal adjustment mechanism driven by the camshaft angle worm turned, slack adjuster thus completing an adjustment. 5 assembly process and precautions Editing brake chamber push rod in the initial position. 2, the release liner kit slack adjuster to the camshaft, camshaft bracket holes close to the end face of the chamber to ensure that brake adjustment arm (hereinafter referred to as the adjustment arm) in contact with the car shoe and brake drums, and then counter-clockwise rotation of the worm hexagonal head of a circle (where rotational torque is large, there is Long Long sound), prohibited the use of pneumatic or electric tool rotation adjustment arm worm hexagonal head. ircumstances occur, you need to slack adjuster re-assemble or replace brake parts, and then check this article: ① single brake shoe assembly up and down the middle of the gap values differ by more than 0.3mm; ② about inconsistent brake assembly hoof down the middle of the corresponding point gap value trends (eg: on the left brake shoe clearance value large gap under the hooves of small value, and the right brake shoe clearance of small value, large gap under the hoof value; or the left brake shoe small under hoof large, and the right brake shoe next big hoof small). Second, the demolition: 1 Remove the brake chamber joins fork adjustment arm connected with the cotter pin, cylindrical pin. 2, remove the control connection studs, nuts, spring washers and flat washers between the arm and the stop bracket. 3, remove the camshaft adjustment shaft end gasket and cotter pin (or axial stopper plate, spring washers and bolts). Table of Contents 1 Introduction Features two automatic adjustment arm Structure of slack adjuster three automatic adjustment arm 4 works automatically ads 1 Introduction Editing Brake slack adjuster adjustment rers have to configugear, square steel springs and inner teeth sets composition) 4, the rack, the control loo arm, also known as “automatic gap ad iven the current adjustment arm series of questions arise in domestic applications , the study NDRC meeting time regulations enforced postponed to ter domestic Dongfeng Axle Co., Ltd. It is made using part of the improvement on the basis of the company’s products on the Swedish Haldex developed come. Features two automatic adjustment arm Editing After using automatic adjustment arm, when the vehicle has the following characteristics: 1, to ensure a constant brake wheel clearance, brake safe and reliable; 2, putting the brake cylinder short stroke, brake quickly and reliably; 4, with the wrench counter-clockwise to adjust the arm worm hexagonal head (in this case rotational torque is large, there is 哢 哢 sound), the adjustment slack adjusteris gradually removed from the coupling fork arm, and finally removed to adjust the arm. ● Without brake clearance control arm bracket automatically adjust and limit the installation and removal of arms First, the insta Should try to avoid gaps automatically adjus onal market. Domestic automobile maintenance equipment in the development, production and marketing enterprises, about 1500, the annual output of about 10 billion.