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There are very complicated acupuncture points on the human hand. When you press these points a lot, you can prevent and treat diseases and maintain health nail salon hong kong. Let’s learn a little less with Xiaobian, these tips for hand massage. Press your hands every day, healthy and comfortable every day! 1, the treatment of cervical spondylosis Modern people often sit at the table for a long time, it is easy to get cervical spondylosis, even if it has not reached the extent of the disease nail salon hong kong, the neck is not comfortable is normal. Cervical spondylosis is very harmful to human health and may bring more than 80 symptoms of discomfort. But in fact nail salon hong kong, we can prevent cervical spondylosis by pulling one’s thumb. Pull the thumb like this, pull it in the pull, hold it in the pinch, and pinch it. In addition, the thumb also has a main stomach, which can alleviate anxiety, irritability and other negative emotions. Therefore nail salon hong kong, if you experience abdominal pain, headache problems, or if you feel depressed, you can get relief by pressing your thumb. 2, treatment of constipation constipation is also a disease that people often get now, once you get this disease, it is really difficult for people to sleep, very uncomfortable nail salon hong kong. But just press the position of the palm of your hand to prevent and relieve constipation. The palm is the place where the large intestine is passed. It can help you pour out the anger that can’t be discharged from the body and slow down the symptoms of discomfort. Massage the palm, you can use this method of scratching. Massage in turn, the strength of the massage should be a little bigger nail salon hong kong, massage to the warmth of the palm. 3, soothing limbs busy for a day, feeling the body is particularly tired, can not afford the spirit? Actually, take a few minutes to do this.A hand massage will be much better! Using the outer edges of the thumb and forefinger, hold the bottom of each finger one by one, then quickly pull down to the tip, 2-3 times for each finger. You will feel a lot more comfortable! 4, the treatment of stomach sickness is inevitable, so it is inevitable that the stomach is not suitable. It is precisely because the stomach disease is too common, so the “big medicine” for treating the stomach in the human body is very easy to find, just in our hands. Press the place where the stomach is collected under the palm of the heart. The meridian here is responsible for the digestive system such as the large intestine, stomach, duodenum, and so on. The digestion is natural and smooth. 5, treatment of cough, bronchitis, asthma treatment of cough, bronchitis and other diseases, in addition to anti-inflammatory needs kidney gas. But how to make kidney gas most convenient and fast? Need to tonify the kidney, massage the position of the lower part of the palm, this is the location of the adrenal reflex zone. If you are a person who massages yourself, you can take this point massage to massage the kidneys, the large intestines, etc., so that you can breathe more and more smoothly, and your cough is getting less and less.