dedication of the military eternity ring

Respecting the martyrs can inspire the sacrifice and dedication of the military eternity ring. The cultivation of fighting spirit not only depends on the self-education of the “small environment” of the troops, but also depends on the “great atmosphere” of the society. Hand in hand with local authorities eternity ring, and be a household name; in conjunction with the National Day of the Sacrifice and the Victory Day of the Anti-Japanese War eternity ring, the military and the military jointly carried out a memorial commemoration. At the same time, it pays attention to the effectiveness of the policy of supporting the military eternity ring, and solves the problems of “post-road, future generation, and backyard” such as welfare benefits for military personnel, employment for family members, and schooling for children. Two red fire extinguishers were dropped from the upper floors eternity ring. At this time, it was the time when the residents walked downstairs after dinner, and some residents clearly heard the loud noise of falling metal objects eternity ring. Henan Business Daily reporter learned that the electric vehicle pedal was damaged nearby. After investigation by the owner of Building 36, the fire extinguisher on the 16th floor of the building was gone. A resident admitted that the fire extinguisher was thrown by their 13-year-old child. The owners of Building 36 did not buy it. “We asked the owners of the whole building to move out. We can’t take this risk.” For the owner’s “do not buy” approach, the author believes that it is not appropriate. The prodigal son does not change the gold, and a hammer is killed, of course not. Specific analysis of specific problems, dealing with “bear children” high-altitude parabolic ground to gas. First of all, to understand the specific reasons for children’s high-altitude parabolic, to help families educate their children, in the face of the child’s fault, he knows, he corrected, we can forgive. On the one hand, this is to educate children; on the one hand, it also reflects the tolerance of our adults. Society should be warm, and children should be treated with warmth. Children should be taught less and no longer make similar mistakes. If you make a mistake, you have to let the child pay the price for the mistake. This is the minimum practice. As a parent, as a property department, you should urge your child to do this responsibility. Whether it is an adult or a child, education is required. In particular, educate the newly moved residents. Let the parabolic non-high-altitude become the bottom line of the basic behavior of citizens. The second is to do a good job in guarding high-altitude parabolic facilities, such as designing a protective net to prevent high-altitude parabolic objects, requiring education and guidance, facilities, and institutional disciplinary “three punches”, especially for the handling of some “bear children”. Because the child is not ignorant, he will not handle it, the child is not sensible, and the adult has the responsibility to deal with the child.